Apple reportedly looking to acquire Premier League broadcasting rights

Series Ted Lasso would she have given new ideas to Apple? The Daily Mail indeed claims that Apple would seek to acquire the rights to broadcast the Premier League, the British football championship. The matches would obviously be visible on the streaming platform AppleTV+, which is also preparing to host the MLS (the North American football championship) in the coming weeks. Premier League rights will again be available for tender from 2025. For now, these broadcast rights are held by Sky Sports, BT Sport, and partially by Amazon.

Premier League 1

This « information » should be taken with the usual tweezers (we’re talking about the Daily Mail here, not the New York Times), especially since it closely follows a false rumor about a possible takeover of the Manchester United club by Apple. The fact remains that Apple TV + is hungry for sports content, and after the failure of negotiations for the rights of the NFL, there must still be a nice woolen stocking for Apple. The $2.7 billion Apple planned to pay for NFL rights is now available for something else. For the Premier League?

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