Apple buys MLS TV rights for record deal

Major League Soccer (MLS), the American football championship, announced its new broadcaster on Wednesday. Apple has secured the TV rights for the next ten seasons.

Apple’s TV platform released a press release on Wednesday in which it announced the purchase of TV rights to broadcast Major League Soccer (MLS), the North American championship, from 2023 and for 10 years to subscribers only. ‘Apple TV app.

“The Apple TV app will exclusively broadcast all MLS matches live from 2023 through 2032”, writes Apple in its press release, specifying that the offer will not concern the United States exclusively. All Subscribers « of the whole world » can take advantage of this new offer.

According to the specialized economic site Sports Business Journal, Apple will pay out a guaranteed minimum amount of $250 million per season, which is approximately 238 million euros. The American league would continue to negotiate with traditional channels, such as ESPN and Fox Sport, for a shared broadcast of certain posters.

Building on its development, MLS continues to grow as the 2026 World Cup, organized in the United States, Canada and Mexico, approaches.

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