Any other changes coming to the Knicks? | NBA

The electroshock desired by Tom Thibodeau did not take place. After removing Kemba Walker from the rotation, the Knicks boss is not ruling out other changes in the days to come.

« If we are not performing, there could be other changes » warns the coach. “I want to be clear, I really have respect for Kemba. He’s part of the team, but for now, we have a rotation in place. He’s not in it, but he’s training and doing whatever needs to be done. As I said at the time of my decision, I consider Kemba to be an incumbent. « 

Who will be the next to be sacrificed? For Tom Thibodeau, “ the sample is not yet large enough To make a decision.  » When you change the rotation you want to be sure it’s not for a game He warns.

For the coach of the Knicks, the problems are multiple. There is first of all the intensity and therefore the effort, but also the execution of the systems, whether in attack or in defense.  » Even if these two sectors are insured and we do not win, then we need to change. « 

« If a decision is not the right one, then we take another »

The problem is essentially defensive. The Knicks’ defense was praised last year, and this season the team ranks 26th in defensive efficiency.

Still, the group has changed little but this summer, the leaders opted for strikers like Kemba Walker and Evan Fournier, letting Reggie Bullock go. This does not explain everything, but Tom Thibodeau no longer has a relay on the field to get his message across in defense, or « 3 & D » to deal with the best opposing outside.

 » We always have to make choices. If one decision is not the right one, then another is taken. You collect information, you study it and you look at it objectively »Concludes Tom Thibodeau. His training left for a mini « road trip » of three matches and we will see Tuesday evening, in San Antonio, if the coach has made a choice. On the side of Evan Fournier, we are preparing for everything.

« It is not my role to dispute anything from the coach », explained the French after the sidelining of Walker. “The coach makes choices based on what he thinks is best for the team. Whether we agree or not, it doesn’t really matter. I have said this several times already, it will take a little while. We need to win matches now. Hope everything works out, but it’s too early to say anything about this change. « 

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