Anushka Sharma plays cricket? BCCI’s feminine tweet makes fans jump


Mentions of Bollywood actor Anushka Sharma in conjunction with cricket usually only occur when sexist trolls take to social media to blame her for Virat Kohli’s bad day on the pitch. However, a tweet from the BCCI women’s team went viral for mentioning Anushka Sharma, as it is apparently not common knowledge that the name is shared by the captain of Indian B team playing in the tournament. U-19 women’s cricket. After a one-day Interstate Under-19 tournament, the Cricket Control Board in India has decided to host the 2021-2022 Under-19 One-Day Challenger Trophy. The most notable players in the interstate competition were split into four teams, namely Team A, Team B, Team C and Team D. The BCCI women’s Twitter account wrote: “Anushka Sharma 52 runs in 88 balls (5 × 4, 1 × 6). India B 140/0 # U19ChallengerTrophy (sic) ”on the microblogging platform, and soon the post was filled with puzzled users wondering when Anushka, actor and wife of Virat Kohli, started playing cricket .

In the opener, India A faced India B. The four teams will face each other in several league matches from November 2-7 in Jaipur. The two teams faced off at the RCA Academy Ground in Jaipur. The competition is of great importance to all players as it will help them impress the coaches and secure a place in the Indian Under-19 squad.

After India’s World Cup loss to Pakistan, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli faced a brutal social media troll. Sharma, in particular, has been a target for trolls year after year. Many internet trolls chose Anushka and Virat and also took advantage of the couple’s earlier appeal not to break out crackers for Diwali and asked them to « refrain from giving advice on Diwali and focus instead. on improving winning matches ”. Some even went so far as to ask if she had not kept a quick ‘Karva Chauth’ for Kohli, which they said resulted in the team’s loss. While Sharma mostly stayed on top of a lot of comments on such a cheap vitriol and maintained an elegant demeanor, Virat once lambasted trolls and showed Sharma’s support earlier on social media.

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