Antony’s « spinning top » dribble gets people talking

It’s the eternal debate. Football is an entertainment, a game, but can it allow all the fantasies on the field? Antony, a whimsical Brazilian winger recruited for €100 million last summer by Manchester United, probably thinks so and performed his favorite dribble on Thursday, in the middle of the match, by turning twice on himself with the ball, before send too deep a pass.

If the gesture is nice (and difficult) in itself, it was not necessarily useful since no opposing player was in the laundry. Above all, Antony then lost the ball. The action took place in the 38th minute of the Manchester United-Sheriff Tiraspol match and the score was 0-0. At half-time, Erik ten Hag replaced his player before commenting on his dribbling at the post-match press conference.

« I have no problem with it as long as it’s useful »

« I have no problem with it as long as it’s usefulreacted the Dutch coach of MU. I demand more from him: more runs behind the back, more presence in the opponent’s area and more play in small spaces. When there is a dribble like that, it’s good as long as it’s functional. If you don’t lose the ball, then it’s OK, but if it’s doing a skill just to do a skill, then I’ll correct it. »

Scholes pays himself Antony « the clown »

On the networks, Antony’s skill made the buzz and some Internet users found it ridiculous when others believe that this kind of gesture, which is very rare at the top level, should be encouraged. Former legendary Manchester United midfielder Paul Scholes clearly didn’t like what he saw: « I don’t know what he’s doing. It’s just ridiculous. It’s a show, look at Ten Hag’s face, it sums up what he thinks »he dropped on BT Sport, before adding: « I like to see skills and entertainment, but I don’t think it’s skills or entertainment in this case. He just clowned around there. »

Former Welsh international who has also become a consultant for BT Sport, Robbie Savage did not appreciate Antony’s gesture either: « To me, that’s ridiculous. Because he did that and then lost the ball – that’s embarrassing! He does that when there’s nobody near him, and then he loses the ball . If I was his coach, I wouldn’t be happy. »

« Censoring Antony is a crime against football »

Brazilian journalist working in particular for UOL Esporte, Bruno Andrade came to the defense of his compatriot in a mood post inviting Antony to continue dribbling. « Wanting to censor the ability of those born to enchant is a crime against football. Not far from those who tried to put an end to the dances of another Brazilian born to shine »added the Brazilian journalist, in reference to the dances of Vinicius Junior during his celebrations which had been criticized by some Spanish journalists.

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