Antonio Cassano zaps Immobile and names the best Italian striker

Italian football bad boy Antonio Cassano once again spoke about Italy’s strikers during a Fedez podcast « Muschio Selvaggio », where he named Italy’s best striker of the moment.

Cassano has zapped Ciro Immobile as Italy’s best striker despite his Serie goals. For the former Milan player mentioned other criteria to make Mario Balotelli the best Italian striker ahead of Ciro Immobile.

“I am convinced that he is strong. If you tell me who is the strongest Italian striker, I answer Balotelli. Motionless ? Playing football is not just about scoring goals. Balotelli, in his madness, is more technical and stronger than him. I would call him into the national team. I know him well, he’s a good guy. Not having a head means having a bad life and he’s not like that. He ended up in Zion because he told people to fuck off and because he was less talented than me. He is very strong.


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