Antoine Kombouaré (Nantes) before the Champions Trophy against PSG: “It will be difficult for us”

“Do you feel your team is ready?
We have the feeling that we have worked well and that we are gaining momentum. Afterwards, we will need a few matches, this one will finish our preparation. Even during the month of August, we will have matches to find out what the team is worth. We prepared to start the Championship strong and go to Angers to mark our territory and win. The goal is to have results to gain confidence in order to get through difficult times. If you are inhabited by achieving exploits, you will succeed in a few good matches, lift Beaujoire. It’s the field and the results that will tell you what you are. The rest is air.

What kind of match do you expect?
In a hotly contested match, against a great PSG. In this group, everyone wants to score points, is in working order. At the moment, the subject is Neymar who is disciplined as anything, he works hard and he is not the only one. I tell myself that it will be difficult for us. If PSG plays 100%, we will be an extra. We, in any case, we will have to be 100%. We will have to be solid and defend well. Afterwards, it will be up to us to take advantage of the spaces because it is a team that has not yet found its balance.

« Galtier with Campos, it can give something good »

Is this trophy a continuation of the great last season?
We would like this dynamic to continue over time. It goes through a good performance tomorrow (sunday). But we also know that the seasons follow each other but are not alike. Last season, we played with the idea of ​​never reliving the season before. We left in this spirit, and that allowed us to do this Championship (9th) and to win the Coupe de France, which is exceptional for us. No idea what the players are going to show me, what’s in their head, are they still strong and humble? It will be interesting because I will have answers after the matches, even if tomorrow (sunday) it is special and that we should not learn too much from it.

Do you think that having had an additional week of preparation compared to PSG can count on Sunday?
A week is not that important, I don’t think it will count.

What is your opinion on PSG?
It will be a different team because the coach is new. It will start the season strong I think, like the three friendlies in Japan. It goes well. I expect to live a complicated match, because they are in working order. It’s up to us to be present. Galtier with Campos, it can give something good but after tomorrow’s game (sunday). »

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