Anthony Lamb, a new asset on Steve Kerr’s bench


Big smile, Stephen Curry jumps for joy on the bench. His teammate Anthony Lamb just converted a second consecutive 3-point basket against the Mavs. In Dallas, the winger again had the opportunity to make his exterior address speak by ending the meeting with 11 points (4/6 including 2/4 from afar) and 5 rebounds in 16 minutes of play.

 » It is complete. He takes quick catch-and-shoot 3-pointers. The ball continues to circulate when he has it in his hands. When it’s open, it usually sends fast and it shoots very well. He brings a lot of positive things that contribute to victory “, Congratulates Steve Kerr who did not hesitate to use it in the seven minutes which preceded a “money time” hyper disputed against the Mavs.

This game in Texas confirms the confidence placed in this 25-year-old player, in search of stability in the Big League. Undrafted at the end of his full university course in Vermont, he first played around twenty games with the Rockets during the 2020/21 season.

Appointed « MIP » of G-League that year, he had an even shorter freelance with the Spurs (two games played) the following season. With the Warriors, he is now on his fourth « two-way contract » in 21 months. While still wearing the Rio Grande Valley Vipers jersey, the winger caught the eye of Steve Kerr who came to Santa Cruz at the time to observe the G-League team affiliated with the Warriors.

This is how the latter invited him months later to participate in the pre-season camp.  » Back, the first day we played a practice match, it jumped out at me again: his sense of the game, his quality of passing, his perception of space, his power, the fact that he have a lot of composure and the ability to stand up to the big guys “, enumerates the coach thinking of his qualities.

One more shooter

Did Anthony Lamb leave to find a destiny à la Gary Payton II? Namely that of a player first neglected in the NBA who gradually becomes essential among Californians.

Jordan Poole seems to think so because the winger plays his part and asks a lot of questions. He knew that our attack and our system was a bit complicated at first, but when he started to understand what he was supposed to do, be able to catch-and-shoot, give us energy, diving on the floor, rebounding, it makes things easier for him in attack. And he takes his shots. »

43.6% of his attempts (17/39) to be precise, which makes him an additional potential threat alongside Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, even if the substitute is mainly used with the « second unit ».

And it is by watching the best that the winger seems well on his way to making his mark.  » I saw so many Warriors games growing up that I had an idea of ​​what they were trying to do. But when I got here, I was just watching how the starters play together and what they’re looking for, the intricacies of their movements, the way they come off the screens and things like that. You don’t really get that experience watching TV “, ends Anthony Lamb who prefers to be on the screen than relegated to the front.

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