Anthony Edwards shares how Warriors rocked him privately


Playing for the Warriors is a chance for some players, who manage to flourish and exceed their limits in this context of excellence. Jordan Poole is the best example, he who went from G League player to player important in Finals. And if Anthony Edwards has never worn this jersey, he too has been changed by the mentality of Golden State.

When they lost the title in 2019 to the Raptors, and Kevin Durant packed his bags to join Brooklyn and his best friend Kyrie Irving, it was easy to think that the Warriors dynasty was over. KD was indeed the MVP of the last two Finals won by the franchise, and above all, Klay Thompson had just seriously injured his knee…

But three years later, even though the back is not at 100% of his abilities, quite the contrary, Golden State is back in the Finals and is only three wins away from a new coronation, which is not impossible given the demonstration on Game 2. This return to the fore shows all the strength of the Warriors institution since the arrival of Steve Kerr and the advent of Stephen Curry.

The workout that changed Anthony Edwards’ life.

And this consistency in the results (when the workforce is healthy) probably comes from the exceptional training method implemented in the franchise. During a recent interview with Kenny Smith, young Timberwolves nugget Anthony Edwards explained how his training in the Bay before the Draft changed his career.

Before the draft I trained with the Warriors, there was Steve Kerr, Bob Myers, and another person from management whose name I forget. They made me do a drill designed for Steph Curry where you have to run, touch the line, come back to shoot 3 points and you have to put 5 in a row. Impossible for me I was too tired, so I started to jog. Steve Kerr came to me directly to ask me if I knew how to run faster… I accelerated a bit and it still wasn’t going well.

In the end I sprinted, I missed everything, even my layups… After practice we all went to dinner, Steve Kerr looked me straight in the eye and said: « If we catch you with the second choice, you have to learn to work hard. You don’t work enough. “That’s where I realized the level in the NBA. I called my agent directly, we reorganized all my personal training.

With this anecdote, it is not difficult to understand why the Warriors have been one of the most consistent franchises in recent years, why the dynasty has lasted so long: to play under Steve Kerr, each player must work hard and show the same requirement as Stephen Curry, the face of the team. And that approach isn’t just beneficial for Golden State youngsters like Jordan Poole, but also for those picked elsewhere.

To be a Warrior, you have to be as demanding in training as on the pitch, doing everything at 200% and following in the footsteps of Stephen Curry, one of the greatest players of all time. Those who understand this mentality progress quickly, like a Jordan Poole.


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