Anthony Edwards released the poster of the year, NO THERE IS NO OFFENSIVE MISTAKE SO IT MATTERS

Once is not custom, our number 1 of the NBA Top 10 of the day is not even in the… NBA Top 10 of the day. Glory must be returned to Anthony Edwards, and RIP Gabe Vincent, who joins Yuta Watanabe at the ANT-posterized cemetery.

  • Saben Lee believed he was going to posterize Giannis Antetokounmpo. Lol. It’s not the G League here, mate.
  • Chris Duarte thought he was putting the Pacers on the right track with this crazy shoot. Except that LeBron… well anyway.
  • Giannis on one side, Giannis on the other, it’s not a basketball player that’s Walibi’s pirate ship.
  • LeBron James passing and DeAndre Jordan rolling, that’s at least a guarantee for the Lakers. Awesome.
  • Jordan Poole from the Poolailler.
  • Oh yes go ahead Ayo, climb on me. Uh, okay if you want.
  • No Grizzlies game without his Top 10 alert for Ja Morant, that’s a rule.
  • In the family of besties that feed the Top 10, wouldn’t LaMelo Ball and Miles Bridges be number 1? We don’t know, we’ll ask Trae Young.
  • Post, well clutch, at home, on a guy who see you slam a 25/17. Winning combo for Damian Jones.
  • Wendell Carter Jr. who posterizes Cody Martin, it is above all the story of the Soprano lookalike who posterizes the look-alike of Evan Fournier. It would be funny if they ran into each other at the Enfoirés.

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