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While the Kings have surfed on the dynamics of the arrival of a triplet of new players, including a very inspired Domantas Sabonis, to win against Minnesota (132-119), Anthony Edwards has also found colors.

Stuck at 5 points 2/12 on shots in the 20-point victory over the same Kings the previous game, in one of the worst offensive performances of his young career, Anthony Edwards showed a completely different face last night with 15 of his 26 points scored in the first quarter and renewed aggressiveness in attack.

« It was depressing, » he admits in the Star Tribune. “I was sad in my room last night because I couldn’t be there for my team. I don’t like missing games either. But today was the first time that I felt really good on the pitch and everything fell into place. I could do whatever I wanted. I managed to pick up speed. I just didn’t manage to finish, but it will come back. »

The reason for this poor form, and these two outings unworthy of his talent at 5 points at the start of February, is now in the rearview mirror. Bothered by his left knee for several weeks,  » a month and a half «  he will say, Anthony Edwards finally agreed to talk to the press about it last night. Because that is now in the past…

“With my knee, I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t move laterally, I couldn’t jump, I couldn’t place accelerations. I couldn’t do anything! Like I said, I’m just happy to be able to get my feelings back on the pitch and be able to be myself again. I was really diminished. It was the first time I felt good in the last month and a half. »

Anthony Edwards again dubbed by Karl-Anthony Towns

Hard on evil and competitive, Anthony Edwards never wanted to hide behind this physical glitch… even if it means hiding them from his own frankness. But for his staff, it is imperative that the young rear of Wolves protects himself more and does not play the hero when it would be better to take the path of the infirmary.

« He definitely has knee pain, but it’s better, » explained Chris Finch.  » We are taking care of it. We know Ant, he thinks he can still play and handle whatever comes his way. But if he doesn’t feel up to it, then he needs to be a little more honest with us. [pour qu’on le mette au repos]. »

Despite the loss last night in Sacramento, Anthony Edwards and the Wolves are in good spirits. After all, their star player is once again in full possession of his physical means. And Minnesota is still in the playoff race in the West, firmly established (29 wins – 26 losses) in 7th place in the conference!

“Ant is a real pro. He did everything he had to do to take good care of his knee, arriving on time for his treatments, ready to put in the extra work and ready for the challenges of this season. He played with this concern for a while. We must pay tribute to him to succeed in playing well despite that. I consider him a star player, a superstar in the making. And the most important thing your star player can give you is his availability. » thus concludes Kalr-Anthony Towns.

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