Anthony Edwards and Jaden McDaniels will experience the pressure

It is still difficult to know how far Wolves will be able to climb in the hierarchy in the West with the acquisition of Rudy Gobert. One thing is certain, the Minnesota franchise is very ambitious and the association of the Frenchman with Karl-Anthony Towns will not be the only challenge for the coming season. The performances of D’Angelo Russell, supposed to feed the two giants, will be scrutinized closely.

As well as the performances of the two youngest players on the team last year, Anthony Edwards (20 years) and Jaden McDaniels (21 years old).  » We realize that we can’t blame them too much or be irresponsible with our short-term expectations. “, cautiously loose president Tim Connelly, who knows however that such a transfer will have to result in a longer trip to the playoffs than a simple first round.

Despite his young age, Anthony Edwards showed all his facilities in the playoffs, even beating the « KAT » as the team’s first scorer. The full-back, however, admitted to making some costly mistakes in key moments. Less expected, his young teammate was much more irregular against the Grizzlies but he finished with a superb Game 6 with 24 points scored, his best career game.

“We have to give them autonomy”

So when we ask Tim Connelly if he imagines the two men being the starters of a team that goes far in the playoffs, he answers in the affirmative: “ Yes I think so. I think we have to believe it. We must give them autonomy. The experience they have had this year is invaluable. They saw a lot of basketball, despite their youth. The team we lost to had a very young squad. »

It is however not certain that Jaden McDaniels, first used as a strong winger, recovers the place of starting winger from which another new face, and former Memphis player for that matter, could benefit. Kyle Anderson.

The development of these young talents, alongside the more experienced trio Gobert – Towns – Russell, will in any case be necessary. Although Chris Finch considers that he would be  » probably unreasonable to already start thinking about a long run in the playoffs with this group. «  We still have young players who must continue to grow “recalls the coach to finish.

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