Anthony Davis responds cash to Charles Barkley’s incendiary remarks!

Anthony Davis has been singled out a lot for a few months, in particular by Charles Barkley who has not spared him. Asked about the Chuckster’s provocations, The Brow gave a very frank answer on what he thought of it. Not sure that causes the Hall of Famer to quit, though.

75 games is a fairly satisfying total over a season for a player. In the case of’Anthony Davis however, this corresponds to the number of times he has been in the field since… November 2020, i.e. the last two campaigns combined. The reputation of the Lakers superstar as a man of ice is far from unfounded, he who was sorely missed by his family last year when the Purples and Golds missed the playoffs, becoming the laughing stock of the league.

His repeated absences are all the more frustrating as his potential is immense, and the legends of the game are becoming more and more annoyed with him. Just ask Charles Barkley, who literally tore it down after the end of the past fiscal year:

I’m going to call him “Street Clothes” because he’s injured more often than he’s in game gear. I mean, I don’t even know if he’s ever played an 82-game career season.

As usual, the old interior had not gone out of its way and the words obviously reached the ears of the former Pelican. As for the question of the Chuckster: no, AD is never to play a full season, reaching at best 75 games in one exercise. However, the interior does not want to be disturbed more than that, as he revealed to the LA Times. On the contrary, he does not want to pay attention to the words of the media:

AD: « I don’t care what Charles Barkley says »

I don’t care what he says. People say stuff for ratings. Basically, they need to highlight their show, their blog, their podcast, whatever it is. So people have to say something to attract viewers. It is what it is. I go to the field, I play basketball and I let them do their job. My job is to put baskets. Their job is to talk about me.

For his first game against the Warriors, the luxury lieutenant of LeBron James compiled 27 points, however losing momentum after a good start to the game. Like his team, moreover, who ended up losing after collapsing after returning from the locker room (summary here). It remains to be seen how many games in a row he will be able to play before squatting the infirmary again. Despite his response to criticism, it remains a near guarantee with him.

Anthony Davis says it clearly, the provocations of Charles Barkley in particular are not likely to affect him mentally. That being said, it is difficult to contradict the Hall of Famer as to the fragility of the Lakers superstar…

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