Anthony Davis’ pitiful state of health against Knicks revealed

Defeated for the 10th time this season on the floor of the Knicks, this Tuesday, the Lakers could not count on a great Anthony Davis. Sick, the interior star of the Lakers actually had to overcome a lunar game preparation because of his symptoms.

To chain the victories in the absence of LeBron James had already proved quite difficult in recent weeks. Suspended for the trip to Madison Square Garden, the King hoped to see his teammates sign a big performance without him, after the success acquired in Detroit two days earlier. For a time, the latter also felt they had to do without the services ofAnthony davis, very uncertain for the meeting.

Anthony Davis’ « flu game » against the Knicks

In the end, the Unibrow was present in the starting lineup of the Lakers to face the Knicks, and even took part in 34 minutes of the meeting. His 20 points (7/17 shooting), 6 rebounds and 3 assists were not enough to overcome the New Yorkers, however, worn by an Evan Fournier in great shape. At the end of the game, AD deigned to reveal the details of his preparation, oh so truncated by the disease.

AD said he woke up feeling unwell, with a headache and flu-like symptoms. He was unable to leave his hotel until his fever had cleared due to health protocols, and arrived at the venue 46 minutes before the match began.

As can be the case with high school players on the AAU Tour, Davis therefore had to start the game without any warm-up. Paradoxically, this did not prevent him from compiling 11 points in the 1st period, with a completely honorable marksmanship (4/9). His team can now hope that his symptoms will subside in the hours to come, as a back-to-back awaits Frank Vogel’s men in Indiana!

Clearly not on his plate to measure up to the Knicks, Anthony Davis nevertheless delivered an honorable performance. Not enough, however, for the Lakers not to go back into the negative (9-10)!

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