Anthony Davis physically transformed, boiling fans!


Anthony Davis has been in big trouble for two seasons with repeated injuries. No doubt annoyed by the situation, the interior has transformed physically in recent weeks, to the delight of Lakers fans, who are hopeful of seeing him return to the top of his game.

The Lakers’ season was a real fiasco, it’s an indisputable fact, since they went from great favorites for the title to a team not even qualified for the play-in. A disappointing result which does not, however, prevent LeBron James to take a dream vacation in the Maldives with his wife Savannah. While some fans are still trying to digest the nightmare of the past few months, the King is far from the worries of his franchise.

In short, despite everything, it is impossible to talk about this season without mentioning the long absence due to injury ofAnthony Davis. Like last year, the Purple and Gold interior, the base of his team’s defence, missed a majority of matches and his unavailability played into the poor results. To prevent the situation from happening again, he obviously tried to change physically.

Anthony Davis sharper than ever?

Anthony Davis looks sharp 👀

After his victorious passage in the bubble, Anthony Davis tried to gain weight in order to be able to evolve more regularly in the pivot position, as Frank Vogel wanted. Unfortunately, this thickening has not been beneficial for him and his body, since he has had a series of injuries at a crazy rate over the last two seasons… But seeing him sharpened in this way, Lakers fans find hope.

Internet user: He needs to gain muscle. Being thin isn’t going to help him with injuries. He must be stronger.

User 2: He got thicker last season, look where that got us man 😞

It’s better for him. Gaining weight was not good for his body and his body never got used to it (hence the injuries after the bubble).

Without Anthony Davis, it will be impossible for the Lakers to regain the title race. The interior knows this full well, and he has obviously decided to take matters into his own hands by refining himself and finding a physique closer to that which he had in the bubble.


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