« Anthony Davis is not a leader, he’s a kid »


Anthony Davis is an exceptional player, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a lot of detractors. A former player recently lashed out at him, dismantling him in relation to his leadership! It stings…

If the Lakers are not at their best at the start of the season, it is not only the performances on the ground that leave something to be desired. Frank Vogel’s men are already showing signs of exasperation, which is never a good sign at this stage of the competition. On this subject, difficult to miss the big altercation between Anthony davis and Dwight Howard, who got in a bad fight with Phoenix. Atmosphere…

Obviously, the incident caused a stir across the league, and many see it as a symbol of the unease within the California locker room. Of course, the two men tried to calm things down, but without much success … Many observers therefore point the finger at the behavior of the winger, supposed to be the future of the franchise. Ask Kwame Brown what he thinks about it …

Very active for a few weeks, the former giga bust obviously jumped at the opportunity to destroy The Brow. And clearly, he did not hold back his punches!

I think Anthony Davis is a very talented player. He is an elite talent, a great offensive player. To be able to do the things he does at this level, to shoot the ball, to dribble like that… It’s very impressive.

But Anthony Davis, in my opinion, you are not a leader. You call this man, Dwight Howard, your brother? Let me explain to you what you just did for your brother. Dwight Howard is a veteran in this league. It should come with a little respect. He’s been playing for over 15 years now, he’s won Olympic gold, an NBA title, he’s been defensive player of the year. It comes with respect, sir.

Kwame Brown smashes Anthony Davis’ leadership

You’re not yelling at some fucking beginner. You pick on a grown man. What I saw was a man trying to assert his leadership, but he did it like a boy. You have no idea how to rally your troops. If you walked up to me and slapped your hand on my chest, and punched my chest, then we wouldn’t be talking about basketball anymore.

According to the former Wizards (and Lakers), AD must change its approach, and remember that not all players can be treated the same. More generally, however, we imagine that the emotions should subside once the Crimson and Gold have started to chain the victories. If this does not happen, there may however be new sparks …

Not sure Kwame Brown is in a good position to talk about leadership, but the lyrics must have made Anthony Davis’ ears whistle. We would not have liked to be in his place!


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