Anthony Davis given a humiliating nickname by a legend

Still uncertain for Game 6 against the Suns, Anthony Davis suffers anyway the reproaches of part of the NBA community for his fragile physique. He has recently been dubbed in a very degrading way by a former icon of the league.

As with Game 5, held just two days ago, the final decision should be taken at the last moment. Still hampered by his left adductor, Anthony davis will know after his warm-up on the sidelines of Game 6 if he can start the latter. The possibility of seeing him confined to the bench therefore remains relevant for this crucial meeting.

Despite a reassuring gesture that ignited the fans, the Unibrow indeed still appears as « questionable » on the Lakers injury report. A new absence could prove to be detrimental for his team, at the gates of elimination. Charles Barkley understood this well, and spoke of the importance of AD, whom he baptized with a new nickname… unflattering.

Charles Barkley: Not to mention the title, the Lakers cannot win this series without “Outfit”.

Ernie Johnson: (…) I’m not even… You want to give us an explanation?

Charles Barkley: I call him Anthony « Dress Code » Davis, because he is always in formal dress!

All proud of his find, Chuck will have had the merit of triggering a meager laugh at Draymond green. The success of his little joke, however, was much less with Ernie Johnson and Shaquille O’Neal. Either way, the punchline of the Sixers and Rockets’ former interior isn’t actually that far from the truth.

Of the 72 games played by the Angelinos during the regular season, Davis missed no less than… 36, or half. If he were to be unavailable again for Game 6 of the series, it would make his second meeting spent on the bench in this postseason. The big man can at least be satisfied with having been able to show off the pieces of his wardrobe.

Forget « Unibrow », « The Brow » and other « AD » … By dint of missing games, Anthony Davis becomes more of a fashion muse than a basketball player in the eyes of Charles Barkley. Never in excess, good old Chuckster.

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