Anthony Davis’ gesture on the bench during Game 5 that ignites the fans

While the Lakers will play their season in Game 6 against Phoenix, the situation of Anthony Davis concentrates all eyes. A clue could come from a gesture of Unibrow during Game 5, relayed by Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports.

Just a short week ago, the Lakers were leading 2-1 against the Suns, Chris Paul was injured, and an easy win seemed to be on the horizon for the Californians. Two defeats later, the situation has changed drastically, and after the rout of Game 5, Frank Vogel and his clique are in a situation of win or go home.

Beyond role players not really at the level and a Lebron james which disappoints for the moment in view of its past performances in the playoffs, it is the file Anthony davis which makes a lot of talk. Without him, it is indeed difficult to imagine the Lakers’ racket, and therefore the entire Lakers, withstand the shock against the Arizona armada.

Will the former Pels play in the night of Thursday to Friday for the all-important Game 6? The always very knowledgeable Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports has looked into the subject. He first says that until the last moment, AD tried to play Game 5, thinking he was ready to take his place. The pain was finally too much, and LeBron himself advised him not to take the risk.

Then, during the match, a gesture from Davis makes Haynes suspect that his return is imminent:

While the Lakers were getting wrecked by the Suns in Game 5, Anthony Davis watched a person in courtside after a timeout and shook his head from low to high, to suggest that everything was going to be alright. He made the number 6 with his fingers, a reference to a return to Game 6.

A priori, and even if all this obviously does not have the value of an oral confirmation from Frank Vogel or the player himself, Davis therefore seems ready for Game 6. The big question, however, is to know in which possession of his abilities Unibrow will be. It’s a safe bet that it will be reduced, and we know from experience that its impact is strongly affected …

A very difficult situation for the Lakers, who have had almost no stop to deal with injuries this season. Moreover, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope also left his family during Game 5, and could not be 100% him either in the deciding match.

A boiling hot Game 6 awaits the basketball world, and Anthony Davis should be. A little cause for hope for Angelinos groggy fans since the slap suffered in match 5 …

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