Anthony Davis’ first reaction after the elimination of the Lakers

Hit in the groin during Game 4, Anthony Davis tried to play despite the pain this Thursday evening, without success. The Lakers lost in the process, enough to cause disappointment for the interior, which was expressed to the media.

Hit in the knee at the start of the playoffs, Anthony Davis continued with a groin glitch, acquired during Game 4. Forfeit for the next match, the interior clearly needed rest, and LeBron James himself didn’t want him to play. But for this Thursday night, the story was different with a cleaver game, and the former Pelicans didn’t want to miss it.

With the agreement of the medical staff, Davis was therefore on the field for Game 6. Unfortunately, he only stayed 5 short minutes, the fault of too much pain. In front of the media, after the loss, he confirmed that he just wanted to help his teammates. His body did not agree.

Anthony Davis: “I just wanted to be on the floor for my team, in this win or go home situation. « 

“My body didn’t agree with me. « 

It is important to specify that Davis did not make his injury worse, but the pain was too much to play comfortably. So he asked to go out, and the Lakers were unwilling to let him come back afterwards. There will therefore be regrets in Los Angeles, especially as Unibrow is convinced that there was room to do something, provided you are in good health …

Anthony Davis: “When we were healthy, when everyone was available, we saw what kind of team we could be. We were hot, and we had all the parts we needed. But we couldn’t stay healthy.

Health is what probably cost the Lakers the title, although that does not detract from the performance of the Suns. Whether it’s Anthony Davis or LeBron James, we already know the priority for next season.

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