Anthony Davis descended in flames: « Out of the bubble, he does not have the level »

Like every year since joining the Lakers, the team’s results should hinge on Anthony Davis’ form. If he is obviously an exceptional talent, he is also starting to be very criticized for his repeated absences. A leader let loose against AD.

On paper, Anthony Davis is perhaps the best player in the Lakers, with a LeBron James aging and a Russell Westbrook more necessarily at the level of his years in triple-double average… But the interior struggles to confirm this status on the floor, he who spends most of his time in the infirmary to treat various sores. The failure of last season? It is also the fault of his unavailability.

He is also well aware of this, since he did everything during the summer to sharpen up, lose the few kilos of muscles that were damaging his body, and a few days before the collective recovery, he seems to be in top shape. It remains to be seen whether his organization will hold up to the chain of training and meetings, but the promises are there in any case.

Anthony Davis fickle? A leader denounces!

And AD will have things to prove this season, since beyond his many glitches, he was not necessarily very good when he played last season. With 23.2 points, 9.9 rebounds and 3.1 assists, he was not at the stratospheric level shown in the bubble. Moreover, according to an anonymous leader who spoke for the site Fadeaway Worldthe All-Star would be a model of inconstancy for years now:

He has shown much more inconstancy than regularity in recent years. Since the exit of the bubble it is no longer level. If we take them individually, with LeBron James and Russell Westbrook, they are three exceptional talents, but how is Darvin Ham going to create space on the field with LeBron James at the heart of the game, and two bad shooters around him in important roles?

For this anonymous leader, the observation is simple: Anthony Davis has been far too inconsistent since leaving the bubble and he is not a reliable enough trigger to shine with LeBron James… Two observations that are valid, that the interior must have heard several times, and he did everything to correct these faults. His summer training focused on outdoor skill!

Anthony Davis will have to show that he is still an exceptional player who can make the difference in a team aiming for the title. For the first time since his time in the bubble, he will have to chain very high level meetings.

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