Anthony Davis badly heated about Rudy Gobert!

On paper, Anthony Davis is one of the best players on the planet and maybe the best inside the league. But because of repeated injuries, he slips in the hierarchy, and some fans try to pique his pride to motivate him. For example, he has just been heated about Rudy Gobert.

Anthony Davis knows it, he has things to prove this season… Because for two years, the interior of the Lakers is only the shadow of what it was when it left the bubble, namely one of the 5 or 10 best players on the planet. As a reminder, during his first and only Finals for the moment, he had 25 points, 10.7 rebounds, 3.2 assists and 2 blocks, proof that the moment was not too big for him.

Unfortunately for him and his teammates, AD has since been hit by repeated injuries, and even when he is on the pitch, he is no longer necessarily at the expected level. He’s lost his outside skill, isn’t being aggressive enough on the ball, even against smaller defenders, which has started to annoy Lakers fans, who love him.

Anthony Davis behind Rudy Gobert in ESPN’s Top 100

And in parallel with this decline, other interiors have managed to establish their dominance in the league, which has an influence on its place in the current hierarchy. For example, Anthony Davis has just experienced a dizzying fall in the ranking of the 100 best players of the coming season according to ESPN, and he finds himself behind a certain Rudy Gobert. An influential Laker Nation account tried to get the multiple All-Star to react to this “humiliation”…

Do you see Anthony Davis?

Going into the new season, Anthony Davis was ranked the 20th best player in the league by ESPN, behind the Timberwolves’ new racket, namely Rudy Gobert (18th) and Karl-Anthony Towns (13th). A rather unflattering position for a player of his caliber, who could also sting him in his pride and push him to achieve a great season. The fans believe in it, and they expect to see him back in the Top 10, as when he left the bubble.

AD will prove everyone wrong this season

Intrinsically, Anthony Davis is not clearly no less good than Rudy Gobert, who also defends at a very high level, but also has an impressive offensive arsenal. But the greatest talent remains availability, and in recent years it has not been…

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