Anthony Davis already touched, Lakers fans disgusted!

In great shape since his productive summer, Anthony Davis dreams of having an 82-game season with the Lakers, while avoiding injuries to help win a title. We can say that it started rather badly, since the interior is already present in the first injury report of his team. If he is going to play according to the first echoes, the fans know what to expect.

It’s an important week for the Lakers, who will return to the courts for Darvin Ham’s first game, against the Kings this time. The Suns will be on the menu in a few days, while the stars of the workforce should indeed be entitled to minutes to warm up. Nothing to report for the King, always in top form, but there is already a problem with Anthony Davis.

Anthony Davis already limited?

The interior has yet set an important goal this season: play the 82 games of the Angelinos, without injury. AD wants to reassure him about his state of health and prove that he is not a subscriber to the infirmary, a reputation he has had since his period at the Pelicans. The problem is that his quest starts very badly, since Davis is on the Lakers injury report this Sunday.

The Lakers shared their injury report against the Kings on Monday: Anthony Davis (lower back pain) – Likely.

Troy Brown Jr, Dennis Schroder and Lonnie Walker IV will be out of this recovery, while Davis should be able to hold his place. But it is a confirmation that the star is already experiencing pain after a few days of training. For their part, the fans are largely upset, aware that the Laker will be absent at one time or another.

no way this guy is already hurt

Davis has this problem at 29 but not LeBron with his 38 years? lol

As often in recent seasons, Anthony Davis is still on the Lakers injury report, even if he will be able to play according to the first returns. This does not bode well for the future, while the interior hopes not to miss any match. Let’s hope it’s mostly for him to get back to the NBA rhythm.

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