Another first in Daniel Brière’s notebook

BUFFALO- Daniel Brière has experienced several firsts since being named special assistant to the general manager of the Philadelphia Flyers on February 8.

This week, he is having his first experience at the NHL judging session in Buffalo, where he is part of the Flyers contingent meeting 2022 draft hopefuls.

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The Flyers met no less than 16 prospects Monday during the first day of interviews. Philadelphia holds the fifth pick of the first round.

“It’s really great to meet these young men and get to know them,” said Brière. Everyone says they’ve been prepared, they all have the same answers, but to me it’s so much more than that. You are able to sense their state of mind, and they are all different from each other. A few arrive and you see immediately that they are very embarrassed. For others, it’s just the opposite, you feel confident. Others are very energetic.

“It allows us to see all kinds of personalities. It’s cool to meet them and be able to chat with them. »

Briere said he let the scouting staff, led by assistant general manager Brent Flahr, take the lead during prospect interviews, but as he has done in his 17 seasons as an NHL player, he chose his times to contribute.

« I let the guys who have been in the business for a long time do their job and ask their usual questions, » he explained. And at a certain point, when I had the impression that it was slowing down or that I wanted the player to clarify one of his answers, I immediately intervened and tried to get more information. »

Briere said he was impressed with several players the Flyers have met and said he was happy to be part of this process as he continues to engage in his new role on the staff. the team.

« We know their game, » he said. We watched them play. We know what they do on the ice. What we’re trying to find out is what motivates them. How are they off the ice? What does their personality look like? […] These are the questions we are trying to answer. »

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