Another dark story for Ja Morant, dragged through the mud!


Rather discreet in recent months, and fortunately moreover, Ja Morant is eager to find the NBA floors to reverse the trend. Nevertheless, some of his old stories are not finished, the proof with one of his acquaintances. And the Grizzlies point guard is concerned.

Suspended for the start of the next season, Ja Morant will have to be patient before returning to the NBA floors. A logical sanction for the leader, although his clan is angry at the « relentlessness » of the league against the person concerned. The Grizzlies, they hope to turn the page as quickly as possible, while hoping that Morant finally decides to change outside the floors.

Another sad story for Ja Morant

The good news is that Ja has been keeping a low profile ever since. That does not mean that the problems are over, the proof with this arrest warrant issued against his friend Davonte Pack. This follows a complaint from a teenager, who accused Morant, and now Pack, of beating him up after a basketball game. The police therefore decided.

“An arrest warrant has been issued by Shelby County, Tennessee for Davonte Pack, according to CBS Sports. »

« An arrest warrant has been issued by Shelby County, Tennessee for Davonte Pack, a close friend of Ja Morant, in connection with a fight involving a teenager at the Grizzlies star’s home in 2022. Joshua Hollway, 18, has now accused Pack and Morant of beating him in a basketball game. »

It’s the same teenager who accused Morant last year, although the ringleader was never prosecuted for it, unlike Pack. The police may have new evidence, but it’s not a good development in this case. Ja, since the case took place in his own home, could be heard soon to discuss this story.

The kid explained that the two beat him. So they arrest the infamous one and turn a blind eye to Ja?

If this arrest warrant is not against Ja Morant, it is still not good publicity for the leader, accused himself by the victim. It will be interesting to see what Davonte Pack can tell the police about this story. Answer in the next few months.


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