Another blow for Anthony Davis and the Lakers?

Already absent for several weeks with the Lakers, Anthony Davis hopes to play again by the end of the regular season. Nothing is done for the interior, which is still very far from making a comeback. In Los Angeles, we can necessarily be worried about the deadlines to come.

With a record that has just changed to 27-32 after the new loss against the Clippers, the Lakers may soon say goodbye to the playoffs, especially given the pace of competition. A ticket for the play-ins is possible, but Frank Vogel’s men no longer really have a choice: they will have to wake up and chain the victories.

The problem, which has become recurrent in this exercise, is injuries. LeBron James had his absences, as did other players, like Kendrick Nunn. The leader, who arrived from Miami last summer, has still not played a game with the Angelinos. But he’s not the only one squatting in the infirmary, since that’s also true for Anthony Davis.

Anthony Davis’ return postponed?

Unibrow has been absent from the courts for weeks, the fault of a bad sprain at the level of the foot. When we know the liabilities of the player, often subscribed to injuries, we can be worried. In his recent article for ESPN, Adrian Wojnarowski did not really calm things down in the City of Angels. Worse, it brings bad news.

The Lakers fell to a 27-32 record after Friday’s loss to the Clippers, and are now 9th in the West without Anthony Davis. According to sources, the inside still needs 4, maybe even 5 weeks after his foot injury.

Clearly, Davis will not return until late March, or even early April, almost for the end of the regular season. We can therefore affirm it: it will no longer have any real impact on the final verdict. The Lakers will have to manage without him to win a ticket for the postseason, and given the current dynamic, it is not won.

Rumors abound in the Purple and Gold, with LeBron James, quoted on the departure. This is also the case of Davis, who annoys with all his injuries. A trade has even been imagined to make the interior leave : that is to say if everyone is not satisfied with his contribution.

The return of Anthony Davis will not take place for a while, enough to make the fans worried. The Lakers must clearly prepare for the worst for this end of the season, unless there is a small miracle. LeBron James knows what he has to do.

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