Animal Crossing Winter Update


As fall is in full swing and maple leaves fly all over Animal Crossing, Nintendo is announcing a new winter-flavored update, which arrives on November 19. Events, reactions, hairstyles, island transfers: lots of new things to celebrate!

Image credit: Nintendo

Let’s cook with Dindou!

The first event added will take place on November 26. Dindou will visit the New Horizons islands for a large community meal. Players will be able to provide ingredients to the chef and, of course, receive rewards in return.

Rodolphe and the toy festival

From the 1er December, it will be possible to buy and craft festive items to brighten up the landscape! The decorated trees can be shaken to recover decorations that will be used for plans. There will also be toys to buy from Nook and seasonal clothes from the Fairy Finger Sisters.

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The main event will take place on December 24, when the reindeer Rodolphe will be on site with a pocket full of surprises. You can then disguise yourself as Santa Claus to help him distribute the gifts and spread the holiday magic!

Get out your cameras: new reactions and hairstyles!

We already knew these events would be added, but Nintendo also had a few surprises in store. For example, nine new reactions will allow characters to do yoga, sniff food, and SIT BY EARTH, among other things! The future is here.

Some new hairstyles are also arriving, including an afro and a bald head, for more possibilities of customization.

Island transfer

This long-awaited feature is finally fully available. Indeed, we can now transfer an island to another Switch using a free application.

Another interesting detail, it will also be possible to move a resident (who is not the delegate) to another island! The character will be able to be transferred with all his inventory and his house to new shores.

Visit random islands, more storage, and next update

Finally, the new update introduces the possibility of visiting random islands in dreams (so no need to absolutely have a code) and to expand the inventory of your house to store up to 2,400 objects.

The next update is announced for the end of January, and we can see in the image Roberto, the character associated with the carnival in the other installments of the series.


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