Angry, Rudy Gobert sends a message to the whole league!


Rudy Gobert was immense this Tuesday against the Grizzlies by releasing a famous double double-double. After the match, he sent a very clear message to the rest of the league about his state of mind as the playoffs approach and his ambitions.

It has become a sad tradition in the NBA microcosm, but Rudy Gobert is still and always attacked by other players… Last week, it’s Marcus Smart who attacked the French pivot explaining why, in his opinion, he deserved the title of Defender of the Year much more than the three-time winner. One observation supported a few days later by Klay Thompson after a Warriors victory over the Jazz.

And that’s not all, because the pillar of the France team has just found himself at the heart of a huge controversy in Utah, since a mind-blowing statistic suggests that he would be willfully ignored by teammate and All-Star duo Donovan Mitchell. The accused defended himself on Tuesday, but it is difficult not to think of a total implosion in the locker room in the event of an early elimination in the playoffs.

Despite criticism, Rudy Gobert exposes his immense ambitions

But this scenario is far from being considered by the players of Quin Snyder, who were particularly impressive against the Grizzlies on fire. Rudy Gobert was immense with 22 points and 21 rebounds, and inevitably very angry by the criticisms and the disrespect of the media with regard to the Jazz, the pivot sent a very clear message to the rest of the league: it will be necessary to count on him and his teammates in the playoffs.

We arrived on the field with the desire to play hard. Tonight we faced adversity, but we came back into the game and never stopped fighting, everyone trusted each other and we won a great victory. That’s the spirit that we’re going to keep until the end of the season and during the playoffs, and we’re going to try to achieve something big.

We know we’re a great basketball team, we often play well but struggle to finish games. We understood that we had to resist, continue to communicate and above all have fun. Now we have to stay healthy until the playoffs, because we want to win the title. The opportunity is there, right in front of us.

In a previous intervention, Rudy Gobert openly explained that he did not like the behavior of certain teammates at the end of the game, where Utah too often relied on isolation. He saw the best in the game on Tuesday against the Grizzlies, which obviously gives him confidence as the playoffs approach. Besides, he didn’t hide, he spoke about the title quite openly.

Rudy Gobert is not going to the playoffs to make up the numbers. He hopes to win the title, and he thinks his team can do it if everyone respects the game. It must be said that the Jazz made a strong impression by reversing the Grizzlies.


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