Angry, James Harden responds wildly to criticism!

Following his very disappointing season between the Nets and the Sixers, James Harden had to suffer a fairly phenomenal wave of criticism. The Beard is fed up, however, and has decided to shut everyone’s mouths with a shattering statement. Difficult to make more cash!

To say that the past year was the most complicated of the career of James Harden is not an exaggeration. Initially, the full-back left Brooklyn following major differences with everyone within the New York superteam. Then, if he joined Philadelphia, his performances were not very glorious and he notably sank in the playoffs, against the Heat. Clearly, the superstar will have an interest in redeeming himself in the months to come.

Nevertheless, if he has already made concessions for 2022-23, in particular accepting a salary cut of 15 million dollars, The Beard does not intend to let himself be set on fire on a daily basis like that. As he explained to Yahoo Sports, the treatment reserved for him would be both disproportionate and ill-suited to the context. According to #13, people still think of him too much as the player he was when he was at the Rockets:

Harden unhappy with criticism of his level of play

I don’t really listen to what people say. I was not well last season and I still almost averaged a triple-double. If anyone else had those numbers, we would have been talking about giving him a max contract. People used to see me with an average of 40 or 30 points, so they considered it a difficult year.

I was in Philadelphia for two months and had to learn on the fly. It was like that. I’m in good spirits, physically and mentally, and I’m looking forward to next season.

Here is one who is grumpy, say so. It is true that for the defense of the 2018 MVP, he had to integrate into a whole new system of play by landing in Philly, while having to develop automatisms with Joel Embiid. This kind of thing doesn’t happen overnight.

Nevertheless, even though El Chapo has extenuating circumstances, he is clearly not beyond reproach. His address was simply catastrophic from the start to the end of the campaign, partly also because of a very poor selection of shots (41% including 33% from behind the arc). Another notable point, his physical hygiene far from being impeccable, the person concerned displaying a lot of extra pounds. The fans did not hesitate to remind him:

You weren’t good ’cause you were fat and you didn’t give a fuck

James Harden did not appreciate being criticized so much, convinced that the treatment reserved for him is disproportionate. If he wants this to stop, the best thing is still to give everything in 2022-23, in order to erase the previous campaign from collective memories.

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