Anglet: The future of Hormadi will be decided on Monday | Magnus League – Ice Hockey

The sporting situation of Anglet remains more or less afloat. Even if it remains on a 0-7 against Amiens in the league, the Basque club has previously ensured the essentials by beating its direct competitors Chamonix and Briançon. The Hormadi also qualified for the quarter-finals of the Coupe de France by winning last night in Cholet on a goal in extra time from Charles Schmitt, after a long vain domination. Everything therefore remains possible, including for the current season… if the extra-sporting context becomes peaceful again.

After the resignation of all the leaders, a takeover project called « Union Hormadi » was formed around recognized figures of the club: Jean-Michel Larroque, for the sports project, Jean-Jacques Vénutier, for marketing development, the ex-president Germain Gouranton, for the budgetary and federal aspects, and the current president of amateur Hormadi, Olivier Bouney, for the link with training. This team presented today its sporting project, based on a strong link rediscovered between the professional structure and the amateur club to reconstitute a base of local players, and its shareholder project, built on a capital increase within 1 year to better manage upheavals.

This project has the support of a big name in world hockey, Dominique Ducharme, former Hormadi player and coach of the Montreal Canadiens during their Stanley Cup final in 2021. The Quebecer would become one of the club’s shareholders, but also a tutor of his training practices. He would be willing to spend twice two weeks every year training the club’s trainers on a regular basis.

Everything could materialize during the Extraordinary General Meeting which was scheduled for October 26 and which has been postponed to Monday November 7: the current Board of Directors will submit its resignation as planned, then the new candidates will be able to present their projects. But it is the third item on the agenda that could pose a problem: the proposal to overhaul the statutes, carried by the current leaders. It would provide for the transformation of the CA into a two-tier structure with a Management Board and a Supervisory Board.

In fact, the will of the current president Grégoire Delage is to leave… without leaving altogether. He would no longer have an operational position, but would run for the presidency of this Supervisory Board, which would have revocative power over the Management Board. He could therefore still impose his conditions, for example to prevent the presence of those with whom opposed him, the now ex-manager Xavier Daramy and the men he recruited. Even if it means sacrificing the current coaches to bring back a divisive personality like David Dostal, present lately in the spans of La Barre.

For potential buyers, these conditions which would hinder them are unacceptable. The future of the club will therefore be decided by the vote of the current shareholders of the SAS. If the overhaul of the statutes is rejected, the stated project can be applied. But if these new statutes are adopted, “Union Hormadi” would withdraw and we would return to the crisis situation that preceded the “collective resignation”. Grégoire Delage would be forced to redefine a project, in the face of a certain hostility among the supporters and even in the locker room, but also to find men capable of applying it by making a minimum consensus. The GA will take place at 6 p.m. next Monday…

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