Angers – Bordeaux (League Magnus, 5th day) | Magnus League – Ice Hockey

Winners of Chamonix earlier in the week, the Dukes want to continue their momentum with the reception of Bordeaux. For their part, the Boxers want to capitalize on their victory against Rouen to display their ambitions.

You shouldn’t arrive late at the Iceparc! No sooner had the kick-off been given than the Dukes of Angers took the lead. Clément Fouquerel concedes a rebound from a distant attempt by Cameron Brown and Nick Ross takes the opportunity to open the scoring (1-0 at 00’46). This goal unblocks the situation but also hides a hockey stammered by two teams that lack creativity and success. First scorer Ross had to leave the game with an injury after six minutes.

Time flies in a first third that wants to be shy. The opportunity to come back presents itself for the Boxers with a high stick from Kévin Dusseau (11’13). Little worried, the Angevins annihilate this first numerical inferiority. In the process, Massimo Carozza hooks Neil Manning. Things start to escalate and the two players go to jail (16’29). The situation of 4 against 4 does not work and the two teams are again complete to end this third time.

2023 ross angers 1
Nick Ross – photo Anthony Mangeard

Upon returning from the locker room, the face of this meeting has changed little. The Boxers are more dangerous but Evan Cowley is on the prowl. The Dukes for their part remain in control of this part, without producing great hockey. In double numerical inferiority after a high stick from Robin Gaborit and a slash from Antonin Manavian (26’52 then 27’43), the Angevins still manage to maintain their clean sheet. Still, the Dukes seem to be getting into a kind of smugness. So much so that twice, they will be warned free of charge. On a long shot from Peter Valier, the puck is deflected by Nikita Jevpalovs in front of the cage and finds Cowley’s net but the goal is canceled for a high stick (35’23). In the aftermath, Angers fumbles in front of his cage, the Boxers are in a position to equalize but the cage is moved and the goal canceled (36’15). The Dukes were – very – hot but are doing well and return to the locker room with their goal in advance.

The players in the game return to the ice for the last twenty minutes of regulation time. The inevitable Nikita Jevpalovs puts his own back up a few minutes later. On an engagement won by Fabien Colotti, he took his first chance and beat Evan Cowley (1-1 at 43’14). From then on, the Dukes who until now had been discreet, seem to be gradually regaining their hockey and are more dangerous. Clément Fouquerel seems determined to disgust the Angevin attackers this evening and remains imperial in front of his cage. Neither the inspired spin-o-rama of Philippe Halley (51’19) nor the distant attempts of the Angevin defenders will come to make the Bordeaux goalkeeper give in, decidedly in a great evening (38 saves). The two teams cannot decide between themselves and the outcome of this meeting will be determined in overtime.

Angers quickly opened the scoring in the first third, Bordeaux quickly put an end to it. After an Angevin offensive which was intended to be in vain, Colotti signed a nice individual action to come and deceive Cowley and offer victory to his team (1-2 at 60’52). Bordeaux confirms its ambitions while Angers concedes a second defeat in a row at home.

Designated players of the match: Evan Cowley for Angers and Clément Fouquerel for Bordeaux.

2023 cowley angers
Evan Cowley – photo Anthony Mangeard

Angers – Bordeaux 1-2 after extra time (1-0, 0-0, 0-1, 0-1)
Friday September 23, 2022 at 8:30 p.m. at the Iceparc. 3068 spectators.
Referees: Julien Peyre and Geoffrey Barcelo assisted by Johan Fauvel and Maxime Laboulais.
Penalties: Angers 4′ (4′, 4′, 0′); Maroon 2′ (2′, 2′, 0′).
Shots: Angers 38 (10, 17, 11, 0); Maroon 23 (9, 9, 3, 2).

Score evolution:
1-0 at 00:46: Ross assisted by Brown and Halley
1-1 at 43’14: Jevpalovs assisted by Colotti
1-2 at 60’52: Colotti assisted by Jevpalovs and Prissaint


Tommy Giroux – Philippe Halley – Jonathan Charbonneau
Cédric Di Dio Balsamo – Nicolas Ritz (A) – Robin Gaborit (C, 2′)
Maurin Bouvet – Zack Torquato – Cameron Brown
Marius Serer – Baptiste Couturier – Teo Sarliève

Kevin Dusseau (2′) – Robin Lebrun Gilbert
Neil Manning (2′) – Kylian Fauvel
Nick Ross [sorti à 06’43 sur blessure] – Antonin Manavian (2′)

Guardian :
Evan Cowley

Substitute: Julian Barrier (G). Absent: Matt Prapavessis (rest), Vincent Llorca (suspended 4 matches including 2 closed for projection against the boards).


Nikita Jevpalovs – Fabien Colotti – Peter Valier
Enzo Carry – Loïk Poudrier (A) – Maxime Legault
Louis Vitou – Karri Forsblom – Massimo Carozza (2′)
Esteban Ragot

Jules Boscq – Axel Prissaint
Mattéo Mahieu – Marc-André Lévesque (C)
Aina Rambelo – Bastien Lemaitre (2′)

Guardian :
Clement Fouquerel

Substitute: Gaétan Richard (G). Absent: Alexandre Mulle (injured), Kevin Spinozzi and Julien Guillaume.

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