Angers and Reims on a nugget from OL, Bourigeaud (Rennes) rewarded, Bordeaux advance on post-Guion

Zapping Goal! soccer club OL: the most expensive transfers in history

Aid (OL) in the sights of the SCO and the Stade de Reims

Winner of the Gambardella Cup at the beginning of the month, the young Al Amin Aïd (17) will not be kept by OL. But according to Foot Mercato, the midfielder has many contacts in France and abroad to launch his professional career: SCO Angers, Stade de Reims, Sochaux, Auxerre, RC Lens, Genoa or Servette. from Geneva. Aid’s priority would be to stay in France but it would not be closed, according to FM, to an experience abroad.

RC Strasbourg: a young Lyonnais arrives

Already preparing for the future despite an exciting end to the season and the possibility of finishing European, RC Strasbourg have already signed a young talent from Lyon: Anthony Toumanian (17), who arrived from the Lyon-Duchère club . Hero of his club’s epic, quarter-finalist of the Gambardella Cup, the young defender – who signed for two years – confirmed the news on the official website of his amateur club: « The march ahead is not easy. . But I’m ready. I have been working in this direction for years with this objective, but without ever wanting to skip the steps. Now let the party begin! »

Stade Rennais: Bourigeaud best L1 player for the month of April

Announced on departure, one year from the end of his contract, Benjamin Bourigeaud was voted best player in L1 for the month of April. The Stade Rennais attacking midfielder has scored three times and provided two assists in four league matches over the period concerned. He is ahead of Nice’s Andy Delort and Parisian Kylian Mbappé. Quite a feat before a possible departure.

AS Monaco: Cesc Fabregas sees himself well … coach

A few days after announcing his free departure from AS Monaco and his desire to continue his career as a player, Cesc Fabregas (35) explained to AFP that he was preparing for his retraining and wanted to become a coach:

« I don’t know how long I’m going to play yet. Time will tell. Then, I plan to retrain as a coach as soon as possible. This profession fascinates me. I want to learn more and more, to be well prepared. I will graduate in Spain. With (Andrés) Iniesta, we have already mentioned the possibility of following the course together. (…) I have my own philosophy of the game. The style of a team always depends on the quality and characteristics of the players. You must not be crazy, otherwise you will never win”.

Girondins: a third candidate to replace David Guion

If the future of David Guion is sealed and the former Stade de Reims coach should pack his bags at the end of his contract in June after failing to maintain Bordeaux, the question of his replacement remains unresolved. Due to his financial worries and the passage before the DNCG with a €20 million hole to fill before mid-June, it is quite unlikely that Bordeaux will hire a new coach before June 20-25.

Sud-Ouest confirms that the priority is named Jean-Marc Furlan and that contacts have been made (without making an appointment or proposal) with the Auxerre coach who is a priority, two other « ex » Bordeaux residents are envisaged : Laurent Batlles, also quoted at ASSE and for whom no contact has been made… and Didier Tholot (Pau FC), for whom information has been requested. If the Girondins pass the DNCG cut, it will undoubtedly be one of the three.

FC Lorient: Pelissier clarifies his future and talks about the summer Mercato…

Under contract until June 2024 at FC Lorient, Christophe Pelissier will continue with the Merlus. Facing the press, he wanted to be quite clear:

“I am meeting the president (Loïc Féry) this weekend. My position is the same: I want to continue in Lorient, because the challenge is interesting, because I am still under contract for two years, because we are thinking with the president. I didn’t see him directly but I got him on the phone, we are moving forward on the outlines of next year. For me, there is no debate, there is no doubt”.

In permanent discussions with Christophe Le Roux (sports director) and the recruitment unit, the technician wants to move forward on the following:

“Now we are going to get a little more into the heart of the matter. There will be player interviews on Sunday and Monday. We have had to have a vision for a while on the workforce we want. It’s linked to a lot of things, whether or not certain players leave, and so on. There is first of all a global vision then a case-by-case vision to be taken”.

Lemoine wants to continue with the Hakes but…

Among the players of uncertainty at FC Lorient is Fabien Lemoine (35). The former Stéphanois is at the end of his contract and easily admits that he does not know where he is going:

 » My future ? No idea. Everyone knows that I want to continue in Lorient, and that I would like to finish here (…) There has been no discussion yet. But it would piss me off… to stop now. (…) Maybe on Saturday I’ll say to myself: if that’s the case, it’s my last football match! Today, I am comfortable in the region, and I don’t necessarily want to move again with my family for one or two years. I repeat, my wish is to finish in Lorient”.

Stade Brestois: Belaïli makes an announcement about his future

Present at a press conference yesterday, Youcef Belaïli made an announcement about his future. At the end of his contract at Stade Brestois, the Algerian international sees himself continuing in Ligue 1 and shining there:

“I’m good, with the group, the staff, even with the supporters, I managed to adapt. I thank the players and the staff who helped me. The climate is a little weird but that’s ok. Next year, I hope to give more. Normally, “inchallah” next year, I stay in Ligue 1 to score a lot of goals and provide assists”.

Still in Brest?

MHSC: Dall’Oglio evokes the Mercato… and the thorny Savanier case

For his last press conference of the season, Olivier Dall’Oglio dropped some clues on the Mercato. With the announced but not yet confirmed arrival of Arnaud Nordin (“it will become official after the end of the championship, which is logical”), the Montpellier coach made some announcements:

“We are not especially on wingers”, he assured before continuing: “I like versatile players. We don’t really play with wingers like Robben and Ribéry, who eat the line. It’s a little different. We will also look at the opportunities that may arise, on players at the end of the contract. We are very observant of everything that is happening at the moment, very vigilant, very reactive. And then afterwards we know that we will have to wait a little too”.

One of the keys to the Mercato Héraultais will be Téji Savanier’s decision to extend or leave:

“Does the transfer window also depend on the situation of Téji? Yes, finally, among others. There are certainly several cases, yes, that need to be addressed. And in relation to this, we must react. But that, whether here or elsewhere, is everywhere like that”.

Stade de Reims: Oscar Garcia will upset his staff this summer, several official departures

In the columns of the Union this Friday, Jean-Pierre Caillot made some first announcements on the movements at the Stade de Reims. Two reinforcements will arrive to beef up Oscar Garcia’s staff with a new physical trainer (to replace Barthélémy Delecroix, dismissed on February 21) and the arrival of a new assistant to take over from Ruben Martinez who is switching with the goalkeepers goals (replacing Sébastien Hamel). A new doctor arrives and the team of physiotherapists will be renewed. Regarding the players, the Champagne president announced the probable new loan to Nîmes of the Senegalese defender Moustapha Mbow (22 years old).

SCO Angers: Chabane will not sell everything to the American investment fund

While the SCO Angers is to be sold in the coming weeks to an American investment fund, Saïd Chabane will not sell all the companies linked to the SCO of which he is the arch-majority shareholder (99.3% of the shares). Indeed, in its portfolio is the SCO Handball, the SCO Foundation or even Angers Télé. The latter would not interest Americans according to Ouest-France, which speaks of another buyer for local television …

to summarize

If Goal! Football Club first deals with the news of some elite teams, we have decided to give you a summary of what happened today in the other – less media – part of Ligue 1 .

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