Anecdotes from March-April 2023 | Europe and World – Ice Hockey


Our last anecdotes of the month defy prejudice… Two international hockey players, naked in a narrow double bed, confess how they changed the course of a final in their intimacy.

If the memory of the fights tells another era of the NHL, it is the footballers and the hockey players who have strange ways of perpetuating the warlike tradition.

Let’s not get upset. Better to take a breath of winter air in Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, butt in hand, and learn to slow down the frenetic pace. In this regard, Evgeny Kuznetsov is the new master in praise of slowness. For a former follower of cocaine, admit that it is a shame!

Obviously, these anecdotes from march-april 2023 have something to call into question all the a priori… and they do not fail to also evoke this famous goal of the skate in the final of the Magnus League which made so much talk in Rouen and especially in Grenoble…


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