Andrew Benintendi focuses on the present moment

The New York Yankees are coming off an atrocious, even catastrophic August, the worst month since 1991 for the Bronx Bombers. The club’s 16-game lead shrunk to just six games in that span.

So it goes without saying that September will be crucial for the Yankees, especially the next 10 games (six against the Tampa Bay Rays and four against the Minnesota Twins).

And that’s what outfielder Andrew Benintendi is focusing on, despite the fact that he could become free as air at the end of the current campaign. He thinks no further than the task ahead in 2022.

 » No way. I will worry about it once the season is over. There’s only about a month left and I want to stay focused here. »

– Andrew Benintendi

Although Benintendi has had a difficult start in New York, he is far from to blame for the team’s failures in recent weeks, he who has regained his composure.

“I haven’t changed my approach or made any adjustments. I’m just doing what has worked before. »

– Andrew Benintendi

It’s completely understandable and normal for the former Kansas City Royals and Boston Red Sox outfielder and the entire New York roster to be focused on the present moment.

However, we will also have to think about the next season, because with the possible departure of Aaron Judge, the setbacks of Aaron Hicks and the precarious state of health of Giancarlo Stanton, the outfield of the Yankees could be pitiful.

Benintendi is exactly the kind of player the Bombardiers need.

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