André Onana will sign a five-year contract with Inter

Cameroonian goalkeeper André Onana, relegated to Ajax Amsterdam, will sign a long-term contract with Inter, which he will join next season.

André Onana (25) is on course to secure his future next season. The Cameroonian goalkeeper of Ajax Amsterdam, back after serving a one-year suspension for doping, will sign for Inter Milan. Onana will commit five years from June 2022. He made a return trip between Yaoundé and Milan this week to engage with the Italian club. The Cameroonian will pass his medical examination on Tuesday before signing his contract.

A possibility discussed for several months in Italy

The 25-year-old doorman has been relegated to the Ajax bench, and will therefore try to revive himself away from the Dutch club. Trained at FC Barcelona, ​​André Onana could have been tempted by a return to his roots at the end of his contract in Amsterdam, but it is in Italy that he will land. The possibility of a transfer of Cameroonian André Onana had been mentioned for several months by the Italian sports press.

During his sidelining, Onana admits having encountered very difficult moments, not being able to train with the professionals. A period to which he recently returned during an interview with Marca: « I was not able to train with any qualified coach! I had to survive, endure and train on my own. J I had to put together a solid team of 17 people to become the goalkeeper that I was, » he explained. His transfer to Inter should be the starting point for a new project, and a new career for him.

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