Andorra, Pique’s club, goes up to Spanish D2 amid scandal / Spain / FC Andorra / May 22, 2022 /

If you go looking for trouble you’ll find it.

This Saturday, Gerard Pique’s FC Andorra formalized its rise to LaLiga2, the second tier of Spanish football. Winner of his group of Primera RFEF, the equivalent of the National (but made up of two pools of 20 teams), Andorra is ahead in particular of the reserve of Villarreal and Albacete (71 points against 67 for his pursuers), but suffers somewhat from the actions of Stuck behind the scenes.

Indeed, the central defender of Barça is notably accused by El Confidential to have conspired with Luis Rubiales, the president of the Spanish Federation, to be returned to the most accessible pool at the start of the season. Dozens of compromising audio documents go in this direction, in addition to returning to his role in the organization of the Super Cup in Saudi Arabia.

Shakira with the tubes, Gérard with the saucepans.

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