Ancelotti won’t block transfer from Kean to PSG

Carlo Ancelotti has shown himself open to negotiations between Everton and PSG around a transfer of Moise Kean after his loan in Ligue 1.

Arrived on tiptoe at PSG after a complicated season on the side of Everton, Moise Kean was perfectly able to seize his chance during his loan in Ligue 1. Something to make Leonardo and the Parisian management regret the absence of a purchase option to recruit him.

« He has a very good experience at Paris Saint-Germain, » Everton manager told Sky Sports. « He scores a lot of goals, he shows his quality. He is our player and he will be back in June. »

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Ancelotti: « If the player wants to stay with PSG, we have to talk with PSG »

The number one option therefore seems to return to the Premier League to believe the Italian technician. The British media, however, reported discussions between the two clubs concerning Moise Kean while the French press denied this rumor. But negotiations with the Toffees remain a possibility according to Carlo Ancelotti, under certain conditions.

« But we always have to take into consideration what the player thinks because the players are human beings, » said the man who led the Paris team between 2011 and 2013. If the player wants to come back we will be happy to come back. ‘have, if the player wants to stay with Paris Saint-Germain, we have to talk with Paris Saint-Germain. « 

Taking advantage of Mauro Icardi’s long absence, the Italian striker has already scored 11 goals in 18 appearances in all competitions with the Ile-de-France club.

After the return of the Argentine International on the ground against Brest (3-0), Moise Kean may have to fight to remain essential in the eyes of Mauricio Pochettino. And thus push the new coach of PSG to ask the Ile-de-France club to negotiate his transfer at the end of the season.

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