Anass Zaroury labeled a ‘Superstar’ after his FA Cup double (vid)

Anass Zaroury

Anass Zaroury impresses in the Championship. Burnley boss Vincent Kompany has labeled the summer signing a « Superstar » after his first Emirates FA Cup goals.

Thanks to his last double, the Atlas Lion increases his goal counter to 9 units with his club this season demonstrating that he has quickly adapted to English football.

The 22-year-old former Charleroi winger restored his side’s lead in the third round against Premier League opponents AFC Bournemouth before extending the visitors’ lead just before the break.

Speaking after the 4-2 win at the Vitality Stadium, Belgian manager Vincent Kompany said of his Atlas Lion: “He also announced his return from the World Cup… He certainly didn’t do anything [contre Stoke et Swansea City], but you could see that he quickly caught up physically. It prompted him to produce the match he did.”

Kompany added: “We started the season with a boy who needed to prove he could play English football. After six months, we find ourselves with a superstar! He returned after playing in front of millions of people and then after being cheered on the streets of Morocco. He has not only made us proud, but that of all of Africa.”

Anass Zaroury’s performances naturally attract the envy of more upscale clubs.

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