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After the cinematic success of Ford V Ferrari , the projects follow one another: we have already spoken of the biopic on Enzo Ferrari directed by Michael Mann, and even of an Italian production which is preparing a film on the Lancia/Audi duel in the WRC! Another iconic name is about to be dedicated to cinema with « Lamborghini: the man behind the legend » which is supposed to revisit the historic feud between Enzo Ferrari and Ferruccio Lamborghini.

A snub at the origin of the Bull of Bologna?

As legend has it, Ferrucio Lamborghini, who made his fortune in the production of tractors, became one of Ferrari’s most regular customers and notably bought a Ferrari 250 GT but, faced with recurring clutch problems, and finding the comfort of the machines of the prancing horse could be improved, he will complain directly to Enzo Ferrari who would have replied that his cars had no problem and that the concern came from the driver. « You can drive a tractor, but you can’t drive a Ferrari » would have struck the Commendatore.

Crushed in his pride and upset by this affront, Lamborghini would then have decided to build his own GT in order to shut up Ferrari! This pivotal moment led to the creation of Lamborghini’s first sports car and, therefore, one of the biggest rivalries in the automotive industry, one that we continue to witness today. The Lamborghini 350 GT was introduced in 1964, when Enzo Ferrari, born in 1898, was 66. Here’s what the first trailer for the film promises.

While Antonio Banderas was initially attached to the project, it is the American actor of Italian origin Frank Grillo, a regular in the B series and seen in a few Marvel films, who plays the role of Ferrucio Lamborghini. The physical resemblance is also rather well found. Facing him, a known name, that of Gabriel Byrne (Usual Suspects, The End of Times) who will play the role of Enzo Ferrari. The physical resemblance is far from obvious, but let’s count on the talents of this actor to embody this monument.

A fine collection of Italian GTs on display

It is a well-known fact that Ferrucio Lamborghini managed to recruit a talented team to create the Lamborghini 350 GT, whose bodywork was designed by Carrozzeria Touring. We expect to see in the film Giotto Bizarinni, the engineer behind the Lamborghini V-12, whom, according to tradition, Ferruccio « snatched » from Ferrari. The plot of the film is expected to span more than a decade, retracing the rivalry between the two Italian automakers. In the trailer, we see cars like the 1957 Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder, the 1964 Lamborghini 350 GT and a Lamborghini Countach street racing against a 1980 Ferrari Mondial. -announcement.

to summarize

We are intrigued to see a cinematographic work retracing a 100% Italian rivalry between two emblematic names in the luxury sports car, Ferrari against Lamborghini. When will there be a French film on the Alpine epic? (yes, yes, it’s not a comedy then…)

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