an unbreathable end to the match in Blida

Downpours fall on Blida

The last minutes will be played under a good heavy rain in November. Algeria are trying not to play too low since the opposing equalizer, but Burkina should probably have their match point …


The Burkinabè captain takes charge of the penalty and allows the Stallions to return. Burkina has only one goal left to qualify! The last ten minutes are going to be unbearable.

Penalty for Burkina !!

Mohamed Ouatarra collapses on a tackle from behind Aissa Mandi!

Burkina is boarding

Forced to score two goals in ten minutes to see the dams, Burkina is now playing very high. Coach Kamou Malo is trying his best.

The public asks for entry … of Adam Ounas

The name of the Napoli winger has been chanted by the Blida audience for a few moments. Surprising, given that Algeria has regained a little serenity.

Double change for Burkina

Cyrille Bayala and Zakaria Sanogo come out, Mohamed Ouattara and Eric Traoré enter.

The Mustapha-Tchaker stadium is back to singing

The second Algerian goal was good for everyone. To the players, of course, but also to the supporters, who relaxed a little after 20 minutes under pressure.

Benrahma replaces Belaili

Moments after his second assist of the evening, the Qatar SC player gave way to that of West Ham.

Algeria gives itself a huge breath of air

While Burkina seemed able to punish the Fennecs, it was they who found the resources to double the stake. Again, the Stallions have to score two goals to qualify, and there are only twenty minutes left …


On the left side, Youcef Belaili eliminates Issoufou Dayo, accelerates, and crosses back for Sofiane Feghouli who opens his foot perfectly! The replacement frees the public of Blida! 2-1 for Algeria!

New dangerous situation in the Algerian camp

Thanks to a series of blocks, the ball ends in six meters, but it is difficult for the Fennecs.

More and more whistles in Blida

Sensing his team in difficulty, the Algerian public wakes up and makes more and more noise when Burkina has the ball.

First Burkinabè change

Hassane Bandé replaces Cheick Ouattara.

Algeria sticks its head out of the water

The Fennecs got their foot on the ball for 3-4 minutes, and are playing higher.

Big Burkinabé pressing

The Stallions easily recover the ball in midfield. The tactical adjustment made by Belmadi at the break is not paying off for the moment.

Djamel Belmadi remobilizes the troops

The coach of the Fennecs is on the verge of returning to the pitch to shake up his players. Algerians have shaking legs. Still 1-1, but we’ll have to recover to not have a nightmare evening.

Another Sangaré strike

This is not well enough placed to worry the Algerian goalkeeper, but Burkina pushes at the start of the second act.

It’s hot around the Algerian surface

After a good job from Sangaré on the right, Burkina manages to worry M’Bolhi. Algeria will have to play higher, otherwise the second period could be very, very long …

Here we go again !

Djamel Belmadi has decided to inflate his community by bringing in Sofiane Feghouli instead of Baghdad Bounedjah. Islam Slimani will therefore play alone at the top, with Riyad Mahrez on his right and Youcef Belaili on his left.

The second period will start soon

If the score remains there, it is Algeria which will take first place in the group and will go into play-offs. But Burkina only needs a goal to eliminate the Fennecs from the race in Qatar.


Despite the delicate playing conditions and a start rich in lost balls, the meeting is quite pleasant. And disputed, too, since Burkina Faso reacted very quickly to the opening of the score of the Fennecs.

M’Bolhi almost took a cap goal …

The Algerian goalkeeper, deceived by a bad rebound, could have been lobed, but manages to clear for a corner. Which does not lead to anything for Burkina.

Dayo saves his people in front of Slimani

On a returning cross, the captain of the Etalons clears the ball with a head for a corner, while Slimani was ready for the recovery at the far post.

Sanogo tries his luck from afar

Confident after his goal, the Burkinabè strikes from afar, but M’Bolhi blocks his attempt.

From football hurray to Blida

With the exception of the rather sluggish first quarter of an hour, Algeria and Burkina Faso surrendered blow for blow in this first period. You go from one surface to another in a few seconds. Without real organization, but with panache. And there are still 50 minutes to play …


Zakaria Sanogo relaunches the Stallions! On a superb opening from the outside of Gustavo Sangaré’s left over the Algerian defense, the Burkinabè manages to get ahead of Mandi to deceive M’Bolhi in one touch! 1-1, Burkina is just one goal away from qualifying.

Bounedjah outstripped in extremis

From the right side, Mahrez tries to serve Bounedjah at close range (when he could hit), but a Burkinabè defender returns at the last moment to tackle and clear the ball. It was hot !

Mahrez very close to doubling!

In pivot, Slimani achieves a very good sequence in the area and shifts Mahrez. The Mancunien rolls from the left at 20m, but sees the ball pass right next to Koffi’s post!

M’Bolhi on the parade!

The fire in the Algerian surface! Served by Guira, Sangaré strikes at the penalty spot, but M’Bolhi manages to intervene. Algeria is scared, beware!

The meeting comes alive

Stung, the Burkinabè have accelerated since the opening of the scoring, but at the same time leave more space for the Fennecs. We should see more goals on Tuesday …

Burkina must now score twice

The Stallions, who must win in Blida to take first place in the group, will have to discover themselves. As a reminder, Algeria can be satisfied with a draw.


On a free kick quickly played by Bennacer, Belaili leaves on the left side, center to the ground at six meters, and sees Bounedjah completely miss his recovery. But Riyad Mahrez, like a fox, followed at the far post, and was able to adjust Koffi at close range! 1-0 for Algeria, which takes an option on the dams!

And Burkina also frames its first strike against

On the following action, Burkina also succeeded in worrying Rais M’Bolhi. But the Algerian doorman is vigilant. Still 0-0 at Blida.

Slimani forces Koffi to the parade!

Shifted by Belaili 25m from the opposing goal, the Lyon striker sends a dry strike to the ground, which pushes Hervé Koffi to relax on his left! The ball certainly took the net.

Mahrez finds Bennacer

Mahrez inherits the ball on the right of the surface, and crosses back for Bennacer. But the Milanese got carried away with the brushes, and failed to trigger a strike.

We are watching each other for the moment …

No team can really pack the meeting so far. It is true that the land does not help construction. And the stake is perhaps felt.

First opportunity for Burkina!

Sangaré took advantage of a very poor intervention by Belamri to accelerate full axis and try his luck, but Aissa Mandi throws himself well to counter the strike. The following corner gives nothing for the Stallions.

Possession is Algerian

The Fennecs monopolize the ball for the moment. But they do not do much, and display a little too much waste, between imprecise passes and missed checks.

Good coverage of Tapsoba

Burkina loses a ball in the middle, Slimani finds himself thrown on the right side … but Tapsoba cuts well in front of the Algerian striker, and releases the ball in touch.

Players find it difficult to gain support

The playing conditions will not favor the artists. What to penalize Algeria?

Corner for Algeria, but Belaili … slips by pulling it

We told you, the land does not seem to be in very good condition. And the meeting has only just begun.

The lawn looks very wet

It rained in Blida on Tuesday, and the terrain paid the price …

Let’s go to Algeria-Burkina Faso

South African referee Victor Gomes has just whistled the kick-off!

The players are entering the pitch!

Riyad Mahrez takes the Algerian team as a good captain, while Issoufou Dayo does the same for Burkina.

Algeria on an impressive series

Reigning African champion, Algeria remains on a series of unbeaten 32 games (24 wins, 8 draws). The last defeat of the national team dates back to October 16, 2018, against Benin (1-0).

The compositions fell

The eleven from Algeria: M’Bolhi – Mandi, Belamri, Benayada, Bensebaini – Bennacer, Zerrouki – Mahrez, Bounedjah, Slimani, Belaili.

The eleven from Burkina: Koffi – I. Kaboré, Yago, Dayo – Tapsoba, Toure, Guira, Sangaré – Bayala, Sanogo, Ouattara.

The atmosphere rises in Blida

Around 15,000 spectators were expected for the meeting, but they could be more than that. As reported by local media, Algerian fans have already started to take their places in the stands … at noon. Or five hours before kick-off.

A ticket for the in-game dams

The winner of this group will not be directly qualified for the 2022 World Cup. Indeed, the top ten will compete in play-offs in 2022, with five tickets for Qatar at stake. In case of qualification for these dams, Algeria should however avoid a « big » in the draw, given its 30th place in the Fifa rankings.

A final between Fennecs and Stallions

After five days, Algeria leads Group A, but only two points ahead of Burkina. In other words: if the Burkinabés win in Blida, it is they who will finish first, and the Algerians will therefore not go to Qatar … Defeat forbidden for the Fennecs of Djamel Belmadi.

The classification of group A

1. Algeria, 13 pts (+21)

2. Burkina Faso, 11 pts (+8)

3. Niger, 7 pts (-4, one more match)

4. Djibouti, 0 pt (-25, one more match)

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Kick-off will be at 5 p.m. at the Mustapha-Tchaker stadium in Blida.

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