An NHL Draft full of surprises!


As expected, Jack Hughes and Kaapo Kakko were the first two to hear their names at the 2019 NHL Draft in Vancouver. If there is no surprise, the sequel has offered its share of surprises … Back on the first round of the 2019 draft …

Kirby Dach, first choice of the rest of the hopes

First player drafted after long-awaited duo Hughes-Kakko, Kirby dach takes the direction of Chicago. Described as an old school center, he’s big and talented. In his style of play, it should be seen as a real responsible center, creator who is able to do just about anything. The only shortcoming that he is criticized for at the moment is the lack of consistency.

Jack Hughes and Kaapo Kakko to be drafted in first two places

He knows how to anticipate the game, slow down opposing attacks and generate chances to score. He can do everything. Kirby dach is above all a smuggler, responsible throughout the rink. If he is well accompanied, there is no doubt that he will become the kind of center number 1 captain at the Ryan getzlaf… This choice therefore brings down the first defender Bowen Byram to the 4th place and the American center Alex Turcotte to the 5th place.

Moritz Seider, NHL Draft’s first big surprise

To everyone’s surprise, the German name Moritz Seider was announced at 6th row by the Detroit Red Wings. A surprise for everyone, even for the player. The defender playing in the city of Mannheim is a right-hander who plays in a men’s league and has played in the world championship. Remember, he even scored a great goal against the French team.

Seider’s Germany beat the Blues

Moritz Seider has the potential to play a first pair in NHL. Able to bring a real more offensively speaking. But more than that, Seider is a very good defender above all. No doubt the kid’s personality appealed to the new Red Wings general manager Steve yzerman.

Cole Caufield slipped to Montreal

Do you know Alex DeBrincat ? Drafted in the second rounds of the 2017 Draft by the Chicago Blackhawks, he has always been described as too small to play in NHL. This same reason made « fall » Cole caufield at 15th row. But make sure that the player from the American circuit (they are 8/31, a record), despite his 1m70, will make the Bell Center siren twinkle.

Montreal is not known for promoting size, or muscle. The team is renowned for having small players and is often criticized for this aspect of the game by its own supporters. But Marc Bergevin decided that his team would prioritize players who love what they do, who use their speed and who have an impeccable work ethic.

The summary of the evening by

The first round is therefore over. The American circuit obtains a record with 8 university students. European leagues continue to produce 1st round players. It is therefore the Canadian circuit which saw its number of players reduce, including a certain league of Quebec which will have produced only two players. Note the non-selection of the doubtful Raphaël Lavoie and Alexis Kaliyev. The continuation and end of this Draft today.


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