An Italian club president at Génération Foot

Felice Saladini, president of Lamezia Terme, in Italy, attended, on Saturday, with president Mady Touré, the success of Génération Foot against AS Pikine (2-0).

The president of Lamezia Terme, Felice Saladini, paid a visit to Dakar, to his counterpart, Mady Touré, founder of Génération Foot.

“Happy to have met Felice Saladini, president of the Italian club Lamezia Terme. We witnessed together the great victory of the young people of GF against AS Pikine, ”explains Mr. Touré, posting two photos with an exchange of jerseys and scarves.

Lamezia is an Italian football club based in the town of Lamezia Terme in Calabria. He plays in the Italian D4 Football Championship.

Among other awards: Champion: 1986-87 (Gr. I). Italian D6 Championship – Runner-up: 1982-83 (Gr. Calabria).

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