an internationally recognized football player.

Football is probably the sport that unites the most people all over the world. It unites footballers, brands, fans, spectators, etc. More than a game, these are the talents that spectators and fans want to see. They like to watch footballers perform and amuse them. Of course, the best ones are the most appreciated and the best known. Among them, isco, a talented and outstanding young person is increasingly making a place for herself in the hearts of the various players in this field. His works are so beautiful, so much do they talk about him. However, isco is just like the other players a simple human. He even wonders how he got to this level. Now find out who Isco is and what to keep from him.

Isco: private life

isco is the nickname given to Francisco Román Alarcón Suárez. He was born on the date of April 21, 1992 in a town called Banalmádena. It is located in Spain and more precisely in Andalusia. isco measures 1.76m.

isco, the name, comes from the player’s wobbly gait, due to his bow-legged feet. More than that, the latter allow him to control the ball easily and to be quite flexible. Therefore isco manages to dribble his opponents and move among them.

The father of isco his name is Paco Alarcon. As for the mother of isco, she is known as Jenny Suárez. You understand from this fact where his last name comes from. Regarding his possible siblings, isco only has one brother. The latter is called Antonio Carlos Alarcón.

isco currently lives with his partner and wife Sara Sálamo. isco and his wife have two children. The latter are respectively Theo Alarcón Sálamo born on July 11, 2019 and Piero Alarcón Sálamo born on December 30, 2020. It should also be noted that before isco did not meet and put himself with the Spanish actress Sara, he had already had an affair with another. isco was with Victoria Calderón with whom he is now estranged. Together they had a child named Francisco Alarcón Calderón born on August 16, 2014.

Clubs frequented by the player Isco

What to remember from the football player named Isco?Like the majority of football players such as Ancelotti and Toni Kroos, isco has had a career in several football clubs around the world.

Isco at Valencia FC

isco started his career in the football club called Valencia FC when he was 13 years old. It is in this club that isco trained as a professional player. But before that, isco played in a club in his city. The latter was called Atlético Benamiel. After joining Valencia FC, isco quickly became popular.

The large and beautiful public of Mestalla, on November 11, 2010, was amazed by isco. Indeed, during this return match of the 8th final of the Cupa elle Rey which opposed Valencia FC to UD LogroñesIsco scored two goals. This boosted the score to 4 against 1 in favor of his team.

Better, during the Champions League, isco plays a first match during which the international player still performs feats. It was November 24 of the same year. isco came on as a replacement for the player known as Roberto Soldado. His team was able to score 6 goals that day and thus won against the opposing team.

Isco at Malaga FC

isco had not yet finished proving itself. In 2011, Málaga FC paid the sum of 7 million euros to buy it. This player was already worth big at that time. Apart from the footballer isco, was also purchased Joaquín. He was one of the former team members of isco at his previous club, Valencia FC.

The first objection of isco in Málaga FC against another team was in September 2012. The victory was disputed between the club of isco and Granada FC during the championship. He had replaced the player Diego Buonanotte. With the famous player Joaquín and the whole team, isco kept the bar very high, earning them a 4-0 victory. During this season, isco gave 3 assists and made 5 goals.

During the 2012 to 2013 season, isco once again showed his talent. Playing against Zenit Saint-Petersburg, isco scored a brace. It was during the Champions League. Then, other goals followed during this competition. In 2012, isco wins the Golden Boy award. This title represents the decoration awarded to the best player who progresses in Europe.

Throughout this season, isco used all his skills. He allowed Málaga FC to go to the quarter-finals. And this, for the first time that this club participates in this competition. In all, putting all the competitions together, during the period from 2012 to 2013, isco gave 6 assists and scored 12 goals.

Isco at Real Madrid FC

The Real Madrid FC club in Spain is the one that the professional footballer isco frequented. Indeed, he seduced the club through his talent and the energy he is able to deploy on the pitch. This energy of which isco demonstrated is probably due to his young age.

isco was only twenty-one years old, but his physical stature could make believe that he was older. The power of his shots and his playing technique did not leave the leaders of Real Madrid FC indifferent. This is what justifies the purchase of the player isco in 2013.

And since his transfer, isco demonstrated his professionalism. The contract between Real Madrid FC and isco ends in 2022. And this season he received only one yellow card and no red cards. The midfielder was also able to impact goal scoring by 50%. The Spaniard played fourteen games and scored two goals during that same season.

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