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« Sunday night at the Allianz Stadium, Juventus supporters targeted me with racist slurs and cries. What do you want me to say? That racism is wrong and these supporters Are you stupid? It is not about that. I am neither the first nor the last player to whom this will happen. As long as we treat these events as « isolated incidents » and that we do not have a comprehensive action, history is made to repeat itself over and over and over again.  » denounces Mike Maignan on social networks yesterday. The porter of the blues, during the Italian league match against Juventus, was the subject of racist insults from some of the Juve supporters.

The former Lille goalkeeper does not admit to being defeated, however, as reported by RMC Sport. « We need to be more numerous and to be all united in this battle for the society which goes beyond the framework of football, he continued. In the instances, the people who decide know what it feels like to hear insults and cries relegating us to the rank of animal? Do they know what it does for our families, for our loved ones who see it and who do not understand that it could still happen in 2021? […] I am not a « victim » of racism, he concluded. I’m Mike, upright, black and proud. As long as we can give voice to change things, we will do it. « Develops the current number two of the blues as a goalkeeper.

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Targeted by insults and insults of a racist nature during the AC Milan match against Juventus, French goalkeeper Mike Maignan reacted on Tuesday on social networks, calling for « global action » against racism in football.

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