An innovative machine to transfuse a patient with his own blood arrives in hospitals

START-UP – The Nantes medtech i-SEP wants to improve the autotransfusion process for patients

This is « a pivotal moment » after years of research and prototypes. A few days ago, the Nantes-based company i-SEP obtained authorization to market its machine described as « unpublished » to European hospitals and clinics. Created six years ago, this « medtech » has set itself the objective of improving the process of autotransfusion of patients during haemorrhagic operations, namely those where blood loss can be significant. “During heart surgery, a patient can lose a liter or two, or even ten in total, reports Sylvain Picot, president and co-founder of i-SEP, which employs around twenty people. We want to avoid recourse to blood bank products as much as possible, while the shortage continues to worsen. »

Concretely, this device is capable in record time (6 minutes for 50 cl of blood) of filtering the patient’s blood, cleaning it (for example of possible drugs), concentrating it, and pouring it into a bag that can be immediately reused. , for the continuation of the intervention. Easier in terms of logistics and less expensive than bringing in a bag, but also safer, say the managers of i-SEP, since it avoids possible problems of “contamination and incompatibility”.

Twenty centers soon to be equipped?

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