An incredible anecdote comes out about Michael Jordan and the Dream Team!

Almost 30 years after its exploits, the Dream Team 1992 continues to be one of the most documented and admired teams. A new anecdote has also been released by an insider of the time, and obviously features Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird!

For a while, observers and fans believed that a new version would see the light of day last summer, with several league superstars reuniting for the 2020 Olympics. preserves a little more the legendary aspect of the original team. A few months before its 30th anniversary, the Dream Team 1992 remains one of, if not the most legendary squad in the history of basketball.

Worn by a trio Michael jordan – Magic Johnson – Larry Bird, the American selection obviously rolled over the 1992 Olympics, and seemed quite simply invincible. In the midst of a frank spirit of camaraderie, some NBA rivalries however let the tip of their noses emerge. Indeed, it is in a real war of egos that the various members of the roster of Chuck Daly often indulged.

When Michael Jordan trash-talk the whole Dream Team

Sent to Barcelona to cover the event, Ahmad Rashad, famous analyst and close to Jordan, has many anecdotes about this crazy epic. He recently revealed an unprecedented one during an interview with GQ.

People don’t realize how hard it was for Jordan – not only as a player, but also for his team – to beat the Celtics, Pistons or Lakers.

There is an interesting thing that happened in private, with the Dream Team. A few guys were sitting at a pool table, and Michael and Magic got into a conversation about who was better, one-on-one and all that. It was answered by tac-au-tac. Charles Barkley was in the room and tried to speak, but Larry wouldn’t let him because he hadn’t won a title. The same goes for Patrick Ewing.

As a reminder, at the time, MJ placed himself as a double champion and double MVP of the reigning Finals. It was therefore not surprising that he ardently pleaded his case, which he did not hesitate to do!

The discussion boiled down to Michael Jordan telling others that times have changed, « I’m here now, and if you don’t give up when I come to your room next time, I’m going to kick your ass! » . So you can give up now, or you can take that beating that I’ll give you when I visit you. « 

Believe it or not, despite their usual sense of repartee, Magic and Bird this time found nothing to fault His Airness, aware that their reign was now over.

In the end, I was sitting next to Larry Bird, and he leaned back in his seat, saying, « Magic, I think we’re going to have to shut up. » We were the past, and it is the present. It was all respect.

This is how, in the context of a simple debate around a pool table, Michael Jordan inherited the torch of the NBA from Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. A solemn handover, which was subsequently confirmed.

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