An important departure almost confirmed by the Nets this summer?

Logically disappointed this season, the Nets let slip a great opportunity to taste the ring. The front office will have to maintain a large roster for this summer, even if departures are to be expected. The GM, half-heartedly, almost confirmed one.

At the very start of the season, and with a massive Big 3, the Nets were clearly among the favorites to win the title. There were doubts after the arrival of James Harden, which were quickly dispelled with time. The full-back gets on perfectly with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, although the three players haven’t been able to play more than 10 games together.

The reason ? The wounds. The Bearded Man made his thigh, just like Kevin Durant before him. Kyrie Irving has maintained good health during the regular season, and this despite his mysterious disappearance, but her ankle suffered in the postseason.

Another failure in Brooklyn, which will try its luck again with the same objective: the title, but will the same roster be in the game? The answer is no, since not all veterans will return. It could be a big blow in the case of Jeff Green, who has excelled this season. But he’s not the only one, since Spencer Dinwiddie will be in the market.

Despite a long absence after his big knee injury, the leader decided to be free for free agency, to receive a bigger salary. A risk, but the person is convinced that they have made the right choice:

I will be in better shape when the free agency starts. But from a financial point of view, it was obvious to test the market.

For the moment, several teams are linked to the player, including two big names from California. Recently, in an interview, GM Sean Marks admitted that it will be difficult to hold him back: the Nets don’t necessarily have the finances to do so.

Spencer has obviously stood out and can afford to secure a contract for the long term. We would love to play a role in that, whether it’s to be here or to help him go somewhere else.

Spencer Dinwiddie and the Nets are probably over, with the point guard looking to secure the jackpot. But be careful, because with his injury, the offers will be down. To see if Brooklyn can play a role in this soap opera.

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