An extremely rare photo of Kobe Bryant makes the buzz

Kobe Bryant is missed by absolutely every basketball fan, and every new piece of news / anecdote about him is quickly making the rounds in the NBA microcosm. The proof, an extremely rare photo has just been unearthed family archives, and it created a buzz on social media.

When we think of Kobe bryant and in his life, we think above all of two cities marked with his imprint. The first is obviously Philadelphia, the city in which he became a star thanks to his performances at Lower Merion High School. He was already so strong and popular that he went to the prom with R’n’B superstar Brandy, which was not necessarily to the liking of his classmates, probably a little jealous.

And then Kobe Bryant is also and especially Los Angeles. He spent his entire career there, won no less than 5 titles with the Lakers, individual distinctions, and it was there that his daughters were born. It is also on the west coast that he died in a tragic helicopter crash, and his face is honored on many murals in the City of the Angels.

The rare images of Kobe in Italy

What we tend to forget is that the Mamba lived for several years on the Old Contains in his youth, and more precisely in Italy. His father, a professional basketball player, signed a contract in Rège in Calabria, and he took all his little tribe with him. On social networks, a very rare family archive has just surfaced, and it has made a real buzz with more than 60,000 likes collected in just 24 hours!

A rare image of Kobe and his father during a soccer match in Italy.

Kobe Bryant had quickly got used to the Italian way of life, and what better way to integrate than to go to the stadium to see a good football match. At that time the Calcio was the most prestigious championship on the planet with stars like Diego Maradona, the spectacle was undoubtedly at the rendezvous. In fact, it is no coincidence that Mamba has always kept its level in Italian, it has been steeped in culture and has fallen in love with our transalpine neighbors.

Kobe Bryant is Los Angeles, it’s Philadelphia, but it’s also Italy, a country he has always loved. Besides, his love of football is not remained on the other side of the Alps, since he subsequently became friends with Ronaldinho or David Beckham, two living legends of the round ball.

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