An extremely rare Bugatti EB112 four-seater on sale!

Not many people know it and yet it was the fastest sedan in the world. One of the three prototypes of the Bugatti EB112 can be yours …

Long before the takeover of the brand by Volkswagen and the creation of the Veyron, Bugatti released a supercar: the EB110. But it was also at the origin of a funny sedan, as luxurious as it was efficient for the time. EB112 unfortunately remained at the stage of prototype but that did not prevent her from being able to ride. So, if your heart and wallet allow it, one of the three copies produced is looking for a buyer.

Last inheritance before bankruptcy

Unveiled in 1993 at the Geneva Motor Show, the EB112 is intriguing by its forms. She will not have time to show them for more than a year since Bugatti and its boss at the time, Romano Artioli, go bankrupt in 1994. The production was just launched and leaves three prototypes on the tile, including two rolling. This copy, sold by Schaltkulisse in Germany, is the second on the list.

The EB112 with chassis number 39001 was built by Italdesign, while the other two cars that exist today (#39002 and # 39003) were to be built by Bugatti at its facilities in Campogalliano. Ours, the one in the middle, is the only one that was being finalized at the time. Following the sale of the company, the cars were completed by the Monaco Racing Team. And the sedan currently on sale had been delivered to Chevalley, a Swiss Bugatti importer.

Today, it only displays 4000 km on the odometer and is, depending on the auction house,  » In perfect condition « . Considered to have belonged to only one person, this Bugatti is an invaluable treasure, whose price has not been communicated, you can imagine.

The fruit of excess

With his imposing size (5.07 m long including a wheelbase of 3.10 m), the EB112 has strayed far from its ultra-sporty sister. It was also very difficult for Giorgetto Giugiaro, renowned Italian designer, to imagine a car that is both elegant and not too clumsy. For this he drew his inspiration in the old models of the French brand. We thus find wheels similar to those of the Royal, a « backbone » taken from the mythical Type 57 SC Atlantic or the large grille typical of Bugatti.

Under the hood, we find the same engine as on the EB110 but without supercharging. the 6.0-liter 60-valve V12 released 456 hp via all-wheel drive and above all, a five-speed manual gearbox ! This huge block allows him to bring down the 0 to 100 km / h in 4.3 s and achieve, according to the manufacturer, the 300 km / h. Either the fastest four-seater sedan in the world when it’s unveiled, just that.

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