An ex-star cracks and attacks people in the street: « he used needles »

End of career and retirement that ensues can sometimes have dramatic consequences for a player. A former Bulls star was thus arrested recently, after an attempted stabbing… The facts are chilling.

While some basketball players have been able to navigate the transition to life after their sports career perfectly, others have not been so lucky. Delonte West in particular regularly makes the news in a very disturbing way, having even been on the street for a while. But Ben Gordon is not doing much better either, he who has not played in the NBA since 2015. A few months ago, he had thus admitted to having thought of suicide…

Former teammate of Joakim Noah on the Chicago side, the guard who had elected the best substitute in the league during his rookie year is indeed going through a particularly dark pass. Recently, he had been arrested for hitting his son and if he has since been released, the Englishman has just plunged again in an equally serious way. Gordon was thus apprehended by the police after trying to attack passers-by in the street, wielding a rather unusual weapon:

Terrible descent into hell for Ben Gordon

Former NBA player and Sixth Man of the Year Ben Gordon appears to have mental issues. He tried to stab people. His weapon of choice? Sewing needles. Here is one of the needles that Ben used (showing the object, editor’s note). This is Ben Gordon (pointing to the player, editor’s note), a 39-year-old former NBA player who was arrested outside a building in Harlem this morning. Police took him to Harlem Hospital, where he attempted to escape.

Account of a witness « I didn’t know what was going on. I pass and see Ben outside with a sewing needle trying to stab people. I do not understand. »

Account of the 2nd witness : “8:30 in the morning, I take my children to school. I see Ben and I wonder what’s going on. He was running with the cops behind him. They tackled him to the ground and took sewing needles from him. »

All of this sends shivers down the spine, especially since Internet users have shown themselves to be a little disturbed by the way Cameron Giles has related the facts. But it is clearly the concern for the ex-player that predominates:

I really hope this is a joke, because otherwise Ben Gordon seriously needs help ASAP

Ben Gordon seems to have some serious demons lately and this crazy arrest is just the latest example. Let’s hope for Joakim Noah’s former teammate that he can quickly recover, because he really needs it.

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