An ex-LeBron teammate makes a big announcement about his future!


Where will LeBron James end his career? this question does not yet have a definitive answer, but a former teammate of the quadruple champion has his opinion on the subject. According to him, a return to the fold is almost certain… but the fans are not convinced.

For now, LeBron James has yet to sign his two-year, $97 million extension to the Lakers. In other words, the winger is not guaranteed to play the rest of his career in the City of Angels, enough to fuel rumors of a potential departure in the summer of 2023. So many believe that he is going to stay with the Purples and Golds for a while, others see him just as much packing his bags and going home to Cleveland.

Indeed, being a historic member of the Cavs franchise, he could quite be tempted by a last freelance on the spot, having already been there twice with a title at stake in 2016. King’s teammate at that time , Channing Frye makes this eventuality the most likely scenario. During the podcast road trippin’he broached the subject with Richard Jefferson and claimed that the opportunity was too good for the No. 6 to pass up:

Channing Frye announces LeBron’s return to the Cavs

If this is LeBron’s last season, then I think he’ll take less money to go to Cleveland. You have to try to imagine LeBron’s last year in Cleveland. He always says, « I’m just a kid from Akron. » His school is there, the city adores him. I’ll tell him to his face, he should go back to Cleveland.

Said like that, everything actually suggests that a meeting between the two camps would be ideal. However, there is one not insignificant factor to take into account: the Cavaliers are back in the spotlight, having reached the Play-In this year and having a very promising Darius Garland-Evan Mobley doublet. Integrating the Chosen One into the workforce could slow down their progress… in any case, many fans do not want him to return to the land of his first exploits:

NOPE. Let him retire to Los Angeles with all the « famous » jerseys. We turned the page.

Please, no… we finally got rid of all forms of drama

LeBron James returning to Cleveland for his last career season? Channing Frey, who rubbed shoulders with him there, is absolutely convinced of this. But Ohio fans don’t seem to be so warm as they see their team finally on the upswing for the first time since the winger’s departure.


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